The Australian and New Zealand Weaving Competition 2019 - Guess who's joining it??

It me!

Voting is coming up really soon! Go and join the High End Baby Wearing FSOT Australia and New Zealand group on Facebook so you can be there when voting commences on September 18 (that's this coming Wednesday!).

I'll also be hosting a guessing game on my group, ForAeva After. There will be prizes, so make sure you join the group so you don't miss out!

I can't wait for you all to see the amazing entries this year. Australia and New Zealand weavers are such a close-knit, warm, and supportive bunch, and there is such an appreciation for our different voices within the community. The pieces that will be showing this year is a testament to that!

Several competition wraps - including mine - will be for sale after the competition wraps up (pun unintended), and it's a great opportunity to own amazing, and often one of a kind, handwoven pieces of art.

So head on to the groups I shared above ASAP!

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