An update!

Well, it's been a hot minute since I've updated the blog, hey?? I apologize for that. There were multiple reasons for it, but the main things were that I was feeling thoroughly uninspired, and quite frankly, life with my three boys is a constant state of busyness and chaos! So when I do have some free time, I indulge in things other than producing content for this blog of mine. But it just so happens that my older boys are currently on holiday, and are keeping the toddler I figured it's time for a quick update!

  1. We had a fantastic end of year trip to visit my in-laws up in Queensland to bid farewell to 2017. It was a lovely break and change of scenery, and I can't wait to share some photos here soon.
  2. I've taken up weaving! This is a culmination of more than a decade of babywearing and the experience of using beautiful handwoven fabrics to carry all three of my kids, so it's been pretty exciting! I am a long way away from making my own wraps, but for now, the process of learning a new skill has been extremely satisfying. I've already completed a couple of projects which I'm still not sure I want to share, because you can tell how many mistakes much learning has occured hahaha.
  3. Afraz just turned 9, Aqil is turning 11 this August, and Adam is 21 months old (that's 1 year and 9 months). It's odd to not have a tiny baby in the house anymore, but it's been fun to watch the kids grow as individuals and also how their relationships are always adjusting.
  4. I am building a house! Not by myself, of course (lol), but with an actual builder. It's been a learning experience, to say the least *eye roll*. It's still a looong way away from being finished, but that hasn't stopped me from buying and reading all the home decor magazines! And scouring Pinterest, of course (you can see my boards HERE - all my home decor boards have the title format of Home: [Room]).
  5. I have a few wraps that I want to review (over a dozen that have been photographed and just waiting for a write-up, can you imagine??). I know that a lot of people enjoy the narrative of a long review that I'm known to write, but for the sake of my sanity and just getting the info out there, I will do shorter - possibly even bullet-point - reviews for the time being. It's that or nothing, so I hope you don't mind. I still enjoy writing reviews but time is against me here.
  6. I have lots of content for the blog just floating around in my head. I just need to get them all laid out here! Please leave a comment with any tips on finding the time and motivation for that. I need some words of encouragement here, people!

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