Trend Watch: Minimalist Caption Tees

Summer is coming, which can only mean one thing: all my black/neutral sweaters get kept away and replaced by cotton t-shirts. It's usually a case of plain grey, white, and/or black tees on repeat. But this year, I'm embracing a really fun t-shirt trend that is just different enough for me to poke a toe out of my comfort zone: minimalist caption/graphic tees!

I actually wear a lot of loud tees with ridiculous (usually unicorn-related) graphics across them, but only at home. I couldn't imagine wearing them out and about! So the minimalist t-shirt trend touches so nicely on that whimsical yet chic vibe.

The two tees I'm modeling here are actually kids tees in a size 16 from Best and Less. Hooray for being petite! You can find the Bad Habits tee HERE, and the Bananas About You tee HERE (yes, they are only $4 each!). 

I'm also eyeing a couple more adult-sized tees, like the ones below:

I've been pairing my minimalist caption tees with jeans, but they'd be cute with shorts and even pencil skirts for a touch of glam. Anyone else fully embracing this trend?? Recommend your favorite minimalist tees in the comments or tell me how else I should style mine!

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