Knitted: Adam's Winter Coat

In all my years of knitting, I've never actually knitted a coat or sweater! I'm a big fan of quick knits (as opposed to long-term knitting projects), so garments just have never caught my attention. But baby garments are another story, right? So I decided to make this delicious little coat for little Adam!

The pattern I used is Lino's Coat by Julie Partie (available as a free Ravelry download HERE). As much as I like the finished look, I will not be using it again. The pattern was incredible confusing and not really intuitive for me, personally. And I don't know why I didn't just go with a seamless pattern instead - I haaaate seams! When will I ever learn??

Anyway, mid-way through, I discovered this nifty YouTube video tutorial by iKnits for the whole project. This was the only reason I didn't frog this project! I must mention that there is a paid version of the pattern that comes in more sizes and includes schematics, so I would recommend that to anyone who'd like to knit this coat - you can find the Ravelry page HERE.

As for the free version of this pattern: the jacket looks wonderful when worn, but the buttonholes are crappy, and the buttonholes are situated too low (the pattern was so confusing, the front panel was attached the wrong way around lol).

Still, look at this cutie rocking it!

The yarn used is a squishy 100% acrylic yarn - 4 Seasons Marvel Denim 12-ply. It was very yummy to knit with, and has fantastic drape (I imagine it would make a very comfy baby blanket!) but tucking ends is a pain because it's just so darn slippery. I ended up just splitting the yarn into 2-3 strands and weaving them in that way.

The adorable buttons are by Push My Buttons, and I got them at the Yarn and Craft Market especially for this coat! I was so difficult to find black wooden buttons with this specific shape, so I was over the moon when I found it.

All in all, I quite like this jacket and will be keeping it, but definitely won't be making it again!

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