Babywearing Review: Minako Gem Lemon Topaz

Minako Gem Lemon Topaz
Size: 6 (Base +1)
Blend: 67% Egyptian cotton, 33% Tsumugi silk
Carries Tried: FWCC, DH with multiple finishes, Ruck with multiple finishes

Alright, let's get the most of obvious thing out of the way first: colour. When I received word of Lemon Topaz coming my way, I can't say I was overly excited. I mean, that colour is the opposite of what I usually go for not just in my wraps, but in my wardrobe in general!

BUT I was pleased to see that in real life, the colours of this wrap are actually pretty subtle. I had assumed that the green was on the neon side (think Nickelodean slime), but it's actually a mellow yellowish-green. The grey just classes up the overall look. All in all, I found the colours totally do-able in real life!

The pattern, of course, has always been a favorite in this house. I've tried quite a few Gems, and I have one of my own arriving soon. It's one of those patterns that's both classic yet trendy, a little edgy yet still trés chic. And it photographs really well to boot(y)!

Lemon Topaz is a thin wrap, with an airy weave. This fact alone makes it a fantastic summer wrap, but what really makes it the ideal summer (or whenever) wrap? Strength. This wrap was so supportive that I found myself reaching for it for long outings while it was with me, bearing in mind that I had not only my own stash, but 5 different tester and travel wraps here at the same time.

Given it's thinness, I did not expect the incredible amount of cush on my shoulders when wearing this wrap. I love love love squishy, pillowy wraps, and I usually avoid thinner wraps because I just assume the cush levels won't be up to my liking, so this was an unexpected surprise.

This wrap definitely has quite a bit of stretch, perhaps due to the airy weave more than anything else, but even when I had Adam up for more than an hour, there was no sag at all. At 13 months and 10ish kilos, that is an impressive feat for any wrap!

The Tsumugi silk makes Lemon Topaz textured, but not rough or overly grippy at all. In fact, the textured yellow side is soft and almost velvet-y. I enjoyed running my hand on the wrap when I had Adam in front carries! Even Dan had to have a feel, it was so soft.

So, despite the textured look, this wrap still has more glide than grip. All this does is ensure that passes are easier to make. While I wouldn't risk a single knot with Lemon Topaz, I can say that every pass stayed put once a wrap job was tied off (in a double knot, of course).

I have to say that the wrap qualities of Lemon Topaz are one of my all-time favorites. Delicious cush, luxurious texture, and impressive strength - I was sad to send it off to the next tester. I hear that there may be a monochrome semi-custom order in the works with the same now I'm trying to figure out how many belongings and maybe children I need to sell to get it ;) (Adam's expression here is like, um what??)

You can purchase Minako Gem Lemon Topaz on the Minako website HERE. Don't forget to Like and turn on notifications for Minako's Facebook Page, and join me on the Minako Chatter Group too.

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