Adam's Woodland Birthday Party

Now, apart from being a knitter, I'm not the craftiest person in the world. Which is why I was super proud of how Adam's DIY first birthday party turned out!

We decided on a woodland theme because I had an odd and almost obsessive fascination with foxes throughout my pregnancy with him. We figured a fox theme was way too specific, but a woodland theme would allow a little more creativity while still incorporating foxes.

I can pretty much guarantee there are other woodland party ideas out there that are wayyyyy better than what I did. But I'm still proud of myself!

Here are the things I made/crafted/created for the party:

DIY tassel garlands

I have a huge stash of yarn that need to be used up (self-imposed rule so I don't buy any more yarn), so I picked colors most relevant to the theme and made sure to choose yarns in different thickness to add some variety.

DIY burlap buntings

These are backed with card stock, and the burlap is stuck on with double sided tape on both sides, leaving enough space under the top tape to thread the twine string. I hand-painted the letters in black acrylic paint using DIY stencils. Next time I'm printing and sticking letters on lol. The rustic look is great but it was such a pain to make the stencils. Or maybe next time I'll use store-bough stencils (I didn't do that because I honestly don't know when else I'd use them). I used wooden letters (that I spray painted black) for his name though.

Longstitch embroidered fox

I bought this kit for Aqil aaaages ago but he never completed it, so I decided the party was a good excuse for me to finish it. It turned out so well that I decided it needed to be right there in the middle of it all!

Wood craft reindeer head

I got this at Typo about a year ago for super cheap. It usually hangs above my home office desk, but I just relocated it into the dining room for the party. It hasn't moved back into its original location yet haha.

All the leaves - including the ones that look kinda like alfalfa - are weeds from my yard! Hahaha! I was so happy I found them.

Now for the cake, all I did was buy chocolate cake from Woolworths and then put two figurines and "trees" on it. Dan's family loves this chocolate cake, btw. We have it at every party now because they've converted us too lol. The figurines are from Schleich and are the most expensive items I got for the birthday, BUT they'll last forever! The "trees" are, again, from our yard.

(He was crying because we were all being too loud with the birthday song, poor bubba)

All five of Adam's grandparents made it to the party to celebrate his first birthday. Four of them had to fly in, and one of them drove three hours to make it. Is this kid loved or what?

I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that he is now a toddler, despite him walking about and creating mischief at every opportunity. Oh, and the tantrums. Where did my baby go?!! Oh wait, he's still here. He'll always be my baby. Especially when curled up in my arms like this :)

Happy Birthday, Adam Axl Caldwell!

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