Adam's Birthday Play Suit

A while ago, I shared some photos from Adam's woodland-themed birthday party where I DIYed a few things. Well, this is yet another DIY - his special birthday play suit!

I had been planning his birthday outfit for ages (because I'm that kind of person, lol) and I knew that I wanted to knit it. I looked through countless baby outfit patterns on Ravelry before deciding on this one - the Lesley Sunsuit by Erika Flory (Ravelry page HERE and web page with pattern HERE).
I followed the pattern for the size M, which fit him perfectly during his party. However, I wish I had gone a size up so he could get more wear out of it. Having said that, this pattern was so easy, I'm already making another one for my niece, and planning to make a bigger one for Adam too!

While the pattern is easy and makes for a lovely item, I did make one modification: instead of knitting the body of the bib in stockinette, I did it seed stitch. I was inspired by other knitters' versions on the pattern's Projects page, plus I love the texture that the seed stitch brings to an otherwise simple pattern. In the future, I'd love to play around with things like bobbles and cables in this part of the play suit.
Now, once I chose the pattern, it was time for me to choose the yarn. I did try and look for something suitable in my stash (I promise!) but in the end I decided I'd have to buy new yarn especially for this project. It's a special one, anyway! At least, that's what I said to myself to justify the purchase...

Anyway, I decided to find something at the Yarn and Craft Market (which I blogged about HERE). I knew I wanted something DK/8-ply weight, preferably superwash, in a specific brown hue. It took hours for me to find the right yarn! But I'm so happy with what I ended up using for this project that I'll be buying more from them in the future. As soon as I keep my stupid promise to myself to use up my yarn collection first, hmph.
The yarn I chose is by Half Baked Hand Dyed. I thought I'd have just enough yardage in one skein to complete the project, but I ended up having plenty of yardage leftover. I made a small crown for my little birthday boy (which he didn't want to wear) and I still have plenty of yarn left. I don't really know what to make with it yet! Maybe a crown for myself, for doing such a great job? Lol.
The cute buttons I got at Spotlight. I originally wanted a fox button (of course) but couldn't find something that looked rustic enough (read: not cartoony). I'm happy with the ones I chose, though. I love that they look a little like tortoise shells!
I'm so happy that I made this play suit for Adam's first birthday. He can barely squeeze into it now - about a month later - but I'll be keeping this forever. That's the special part of making things for people you love - even when they no longer fit, they become keepsakes. As I always tell people I gift my knitted items to: every stitch was made with love. And this one's almost overflowing with it.

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