Babywearing Review: Vanamo Kide Vesi

Vanamo Kide Vesi
Size: 7 (5.2m)
Fiber blend: 100% GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
Wearee: 7 months old, and again at about one year old; 7-9kg.
Carries: Christina's Ruckless, DH w/ fancy finishes, Ruck w/fancy finishes, FWCC w/ridiculously long tail *lol*

I received Kide Vesi as the last stop on its holiday in Australia, and how lucky I was to be last on that list!

By the time Kide Vesi was in our house, it was deliciously broken in. and if you know me at all, you know I much prefer broken in wraps to brand new ones. The best part is, this gorgeous wrap is a size 7 - that's 5.2m of beautifully woven organic cotton. And you know what all that length calls for? Fancy finishes! For these photos, I chose Knotless Christina's Ruckless TUB (you can watch the video tutorial by ACE Wrapping HERE).

I happen to have another Vanamo Kide wrap in our home - the tri-blend Kide Ilta (read the review for that HERE) - so I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some comparison shots! It's fascinating to note how the same pattern can look so different. The dark tones of Kide Ilta makes it look like the sexy older sister to lighter, brighter, more "girl-next-door" looks of Kide Vesi.

As for wrap qualities, the 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton of Kide Vesi make it a great all-rounder, easy care wrap. It is thin in hand, with fascinatingly intricate texture (a signature of Vanamo wraps), with very little stretch. At first glance (or should I say feel?), you'd be forgiven for assuming that Kide Vesi might be too thin or maybe even diggy.

But when you wrap with it, you'd be surprised to find that it has surprising cush! The thinness does not result in any digginess - if anything, the thinness makes it great for babywearers who are easily overwhelmed by thick and heavy wraps but still want pillowy cush on their shoulders.

The texture makes it grippy so carries lock into place, which makes it perfect for fancy finishes. The lack of stretchiness also contributes to solid carries that won't budge, and makes it perfect for older children (which is a rare thing to say about such a thin, all-cotton wrap).

Kide Vesi is back with my now after an unplanned roundabout trip around the world (it reached South Asia without anyone's permission, cheeky adventurer!), and I've enjoyed having some more bonus ups with it. Adam's a good deal bigger and heavier now, and it was exciting for the wrap nerd in me to test it out again with a toddler. Vanamo Kide Vesi has not disappointed - it was supportive throughout an hour-long wrap nap in a sloppy FWCC (we are in the middle of a growth spurt, I suspect).

Coming back to Kide Vesi's aesthetics: the light blue is almost teal in certain lighting, and the ecru is a lovely warm tone which perfectly complements the blue. You can see the color appearing a lot warmer, and a bit greener in this unedited last photo from the shoot which was taken just before sunset when the lighting was really warm.

The colors mean that this would be a great summer wrap! I can just imagine it against a bright blue sky on the beach. Unfortunately it was a very windy Fall (or Autumn) here in Australia during the photoshoot, so I'll just have you guys imagine that beach scene, haha.

To learn more about Vanamo wraps, visit the Wear A Baby website by clicking HERE. Don't forget to also join the Vanamo Wovens Chatter group on Facebook! FYI, this Kide Vesi might just be yours - CLICK HERE to join the giveaway, hosted by the lovely Lisha from Kendong Kendong!

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