Babywearing: 6 EASY Fancy Finishes for Double Hammock Carries

One of the things I love most about wrapping my babies is experimenting with different carries and finishes. There are SO MANY fancy finishes out there for every carry and wrap size - just a quick YouTube search will get you dozens of tutorials! But for those just starting out - or are just in need of quick, easy finishes that look more complicated than they are ;) - then check out these 6 easy fancy finishes for double hammock carries featuring Oscha Slings' Rei Electric Dreams!

My criteria for choosing these finishes are that they must:

  • Look complicated and pretty (obviously this is quite subjective)
  • Be able to get done quickly (with less that 3 steps for the finish before tying off - the basic Double Hammock steps are excluded from this, of course)
  • Be easy to master (you should be able to do these without watching a video after doing them a couple of times)
Three of these (Freshwater, Saltwater, and Candy Cane Chest Belt) I do very often, but the other three (Sweetheart, Poppin's, and Pond) I only tried for the first time for the purpose of this post. The fact they look so good in these photos is proof of how easy they are to do!

Each of the finishes have a photo, a minimum base size, and a link to a video tutorial by some amazing babywearers, so you'll be sure to master all of these in no time. Please be sure to master the basic Double Hammock carry first, though. Most of the video tutorials here also feature instructions for the Double Hammock, but if you'd like a more detailed video tutorial specifically for that, click HERE. Good luck!

Poppins Finish
Minimum wrap size required: base +1
Video Tutorial: Double Hammock Poppins by WrapYouInLove

I love the Poppins finish for front and hip carries because it showcases both sides of a wrap, so I don't know why I haven't tried it as a finish for a back carry before this! Wraps with two contrasting sides like Oscha's Rei Electric Dreams looks stunning in this finish.

Sweetheart Chestpass

Minimum wrap size required: Base size
Video Tutorial: Sweetheart Double Hammock by Waves and Wellies

This finish is just a typical DH...with a literal twist! Super easy to master, and also shows both sides of a wrap. I feel like bigger boobies would look better in this, though. My sweetheart chest pass kept slipping down my tiny titties hahaha (that's laughter to cover up my tears lol).

Candy Cane Chest Belt (CCCB)

Minimum wrap size required: Base -1
Video Tutorial: Double Hammock Tied at Shoulder with a Candy Cane Chestbelt by WrapYouInLove

This is my daily go-to finish! Super easy and quick to do. Some people do complain that the chest belt can feel diggy on their chest and/or clavicle, but I've found that lining up the chest belt with my armpits (so just above swell of the boob) is the sweet spot. Also, some tutorials call for a half knot before you start twisting, while others tell you to just start twisting. It's a matter of personal preference and each approach has its strengths and weaknesses. A half knot will mean that the wrap job won't budge, but it can feel diggy. Going straight into the twist can result in losing tension (especially in the top rails), but is generally less diggy. Try both approaches to find what works for you!

Freshwater Finish
Minimum wrap size required: Base +1 to tie under bum, Base +2 to tie in front
Video Tutorial: Double Hammock Freshwater Finish by Beloved
This finish looks so complex and gets me a lot of impressed looks by passers-by. If only they knew how easy it was! This is my go-to finish if baby is being cranky and I need to complete the carry quickly - the chest pass goes OVER the other shoulder strap, so there's no need to pull it through and under. Makes for a very quick DH!

Saltwater Finish
Minimum wrap size required: Base +1 to tie under bum, Base +2 to tie in front
Video Tutorial: Double Hammock With Saltwater Finish by WrapYouInLove

While this finish starts off quite similar to Freshwater, it requires an added step so it does take a bit more time. However, it has the added benefit of being a bit more stable than the Freshwater, in that the entire chest pass doesn't budge as much (Freshwater finishes do ride up a bit sometimes, I find).

Pond Finish
Minimum wrap size required: Base +1
Video Tutorial: Pond Finish On Double Hammock by Momma Luvz

This is such a pretty finish, and unbelievably easy to do. If you're looking for a one-shoulder finish that doesn't require too much adjustment, this one's for you. I've seen the twists both centered and uncentered, so try both to see what works for you.


Please be sure to comment here if you try any of these easy fancy finishes for double hammock carries! Photos would be a bonus ;) Or just tag me on Instagram so I can check out your hard work!

(Incidentally, how cool is it that this wrap perfectly matches my blog and logo's color scheme?? Can I just pretend that Oscha made it just for me? Thanks, Oscha! Hahaha!).

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