My Little Fox

I have a really bad habit of creating beautiful things, taking photos of them...and never sharing them anywhere! A good example is this set of photos (and quick back story) I'm about to share.

I knitted this beanie and pants set for Adam long before he was born. I had an odd obsession with foxes throughout my pregnancy with him - I would day dream about them, look for pictures of them, and I damn near bought at least 20 different artworks depicting them.

So when I went to Healesville for a day trip, I made sure to stop by Crumbz Craft, a beautiful little yarn and haberdashery shop there. I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful choices at Crumbz Craft, but thankfully Daniel noticed some gorgeous merino wool in the perfect shade of orange - perfect for my little fox!!! So this set is made from Cleckheaton 8-ply Super Fine Merino Wool in two shades: the main color is Burnt Orange, and the complementary color is Stone.

Finding the right pattern for the pants took a while, but I went with Pimp My Longies by Jenny NZ (Ravelry page HERE). The pattern had the exact combination of things I wanted - knitted in the round (I hate seams!), easy-to-understand instructions (with photos and links in text!), and enough variations that I knew I could put my spin on it (complementary colors for the waistband and leg cuff!). The hat was easy to do - just a basic beanie with triangles for the ears.

I'm super happy and proud with how it turned out, which is why I'm finally sharing these photos that I took 5 months ago, hahaha!

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