Babywearing Review: Ankalia Karem

Size: 4 (Base -1 for me)
Fiber Blend: 52% cotton, 48% Tencel
Carries Tried: DH TAS, DH w/ CCCB, FWCC TAS, Ruck CCCB, Shepherd's carry
Wearee: 8+ months, about 9kg.

My first impression of this wrap as I opened the parcel that it came in, was sheer awe. I've tried a lot of wraps this past decade, but I can honestly say I've never quite seen a wrap that seemed to glow like Karem does. I loved Karem's good looks so much that I had not one, but two photo shoots with it!

This beautiful wrap is a woven replica of Karem - Blue Water by acclaimed Torres Straight Islander artist, Gail Mabo. Karem in the form of a wrap is iridescent, with a subtle sheen that - from afar - made it impossible to see just how textured this wrap really is. All you see when it's wrapped up is an almost satin sheen, making the surface of the wrap appear almost entirely flat. But don't be fooled - Karem has a truly unique texture, and one that invites you to touch and feel it because it seems to almost come alive as you move.

It's spongey texture contributes to a great grip, and this made for a slipknot that did not budge. In fact, it was so hard to adjust that I realized a slipknot might as well be a double knot with this wrap, lol. But look at the slipknot - so pretty!

While Karem does have impressive grip - perfect for those that need to contain boisterous leg-straighteners like my Adam - the Tencel content gives it enough glide that ensure passes are easy to make, which meant that pulling off multi-layer carries were a breeze for me in this base -1 size.

My favorite carry by far with this wrap was a DH tied at the shoulder. Despite having very little stretch, chest passes in this wrap were always snug without being suffocating. This was also surprising because Karem didn't strike me as a moldable or drapey wrap in-hand. To be fair, it did come to me only about halfway broken in, so I expect that its moldability and drapiness will be more apparent in-hand with a bit more wear. I'd love to play with this wrap again once it's more broken in!

Karem's medium thickness didn't feel overwhelming at all, even in the hot summertime sun. This is testament to the Tencel content, which also happens to make this wrap always cool to the touch. This isn't my first time wrapping with Tencel, so I expected this quality, but it was still a pleasant surprise considering Karem's dense weave and thickness.

This wrap isn't quite cushy or squishy, but it's weave structure and Tencel content made it very supportive. There was no digginess or discomfort on my very picky shoulders, and I'm spewing that I didn't try a torso carry with it because I think it would have been amazing with this wrap!

One of the things I like most about Karem was the contrast between its two sides. It truly felt like having two wraps in one - hence the two photo shoots to show off each side ;) The blue-majority side definitely has the most sheen, and the white-majority side shows off the complex weave in more detail. The blue is of a light hue, and the turquoise and aquamarine dots give the overall color of the blue-majority side a little more depth and character. Those same dots give the white-majority side a fun, artistic vibe.

Karem is  a textural and visual wonder. I spent a lot of time touching and observing the complex weaving, so fascinated was I with this piece of (literal) wearable art. As mentioned before, Karem is a woven replica of a painting by Gail Mabo inspired by a river. While in flat shots it looked abstract, there is something about how movement affected the pattern that made it look like...well, an actual river.

Karem is due to be released on March 17, 2017. According to Ankalia's website, 100% of the profits from the sale of Karem will be donated to Uncle Alfreds Men's group. This charity where Gail volunteers, helps men who have been incarcerated integrate back into the community. Please CLICK HERE to know more about the release, including prices and lay-by options.

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