My Maternity Photoshoot - Part 2

I shared a few of my favorite photos from my maternity photoshoot at Yan Yean Reservoir here in Melbourne in a previous post (click HERE to see it!). While I loved the fun, easy-going vibe of the previous set of photos, I must say that I loved the drama and darkness in this set!

Like I said in the previous post, I was plagued by a lot of self-consciousness about my body towards the end of my pregnancy. That's normal, I suppose, when you put on so much weight so suddenly, but generally I'm not the type of person who is usually bothered by my fluctuating body size (as anyone who has followed me through the years can attest to!). 

However, getting into this dress - well, actually it was a long length of velvet draped cleverly around my body to look like a dress! - transformed me. I felt so sexy, so strong, and just...goddess-like! I think I need to just have a long length of velvet fabric hanging around the house to wrap around myself anytime I feel down, haha!

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