Beauty Review: Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream (Krush, Unicorn, and Urban)

I first heard about Zhuco Cosmetics from my cousin, Aqalili of Curitan Aqalili (who - full disclosure - is a Zhuco Cosmetics distributor). What really got me interested was the fact that this company is based in Malaysia!

Now, first impressions: I like how the packaging looks really international. You could easily assume that Zhuco Cosmetics is based in the USA or the UK. I love the breeziness of the logo, too. Very young, very fresh, very current.

As you can see, there are two different packaging here. The middle one is the older packaging, and the other two is the latest style. I definitely prefer the newer one, but it did occur to me the drippy graphic at the bottom ala Kylie Jenner cosmetics was a little uninspired. That being said, the font choice for the product name is much improved!

The lip cream containers themselves are also very fresh and current. They do feel lighter in hand that I would have assumed (and, in fact, one of them was actually cracked). Just be careful when you hold them - don't squeeze too hard. You may be tempted to, though! They are a little difficult to open. It's great for preventing them from drying out, but as someone who frequently has to put on makeup with one hand holding a baby, I didn't like that it required two hands to open. So, glam mamas please take note!

Upon application, I really like the vanilla scent of these lip creams, very yummy! The formulation is not too thick, which makes application really easy, and not messy at all. The wand is on the smaller side, which I really appreciate because it allows for more precise application. The lip creams also have really good staying power, and the formula was good across all three shades (I've tried lip creams that have varying degrees of staying power for different shades, which is annoying).

Now, onto the swatches! Here is an arm swatch in natural light. Krush and Unicorn may look similar in their containers, but you can see that they're actually quite different.

And here are some lip swatches!

My favorite shade?


You can purchase Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream online HERE, and at retailers in Malaysia and Singapore, for only RM35 each. Watch out for special promos, like the Buy 3 Free 1 offer they're currently having!

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