Babywearing Review: Woven Wings Lace Prototype (Bourette Silk Blend)

Size: 6 (Base +1)
Fiber Blend: 42% Combed Cotton, 39% Egyptian Cotton, 19% Bourette Silk
Carries Tried: Kangaroo, Reinforced Kangaroo, FWCC, FCC, DH
Wearee: 7.5 months; 8+kg

On Valentine's Day, I woke up not only to a clean house (my husband knows me well - making sure the house is clutter-free and clean is an amazing Valentine's treat for me!). See, I also received some unexpected mail. A package that got me more excited than a clean house, if you can imagine that. For the first time ever, I received a wrap direct from Woven Wings' headquarters!

I was half-awake but immediately perked up and started squealing. My first instinct was, of course, to head to the All Things Woven Wings chatter group to get people together while I revealed what was inside (click HERE to see that post - lots of photos in the comments).

First impressions of the wrap in loom state: the colors are light and low in contrast, the wrap was super-smooth and soapy, the weave is fairly dense, it's very thin in hand, and very stiff too. As it was my first time handling a Woven Wings Lace wrap (I've only ever used their Geos), I didn't know what to expect. But I had an inkling that the wrap would transform after a wash.

Look, I haaaaate hand-washing. I put everything I can into the washing machine. If I could put myself and my kids in the washing machine to get clean, I would. But with silk, you can't be too careful. So even before I had breakfast, I gently hand-washed this Lace prototype and laid it out on our guest bed to dry.

After a day of drying, I finally got to feel the true potential of this wrap. It was an incredible transformation! The fibers had puffed up, which created a beautiful, subtle texture. It was still thin, but this time there was a drape to it that wasn't there before. And any stiffness was completely gone! Even the colors transformed - the blue became richer, adding a bit more contrast against the white. You can see the difference in the loom to bloom shot and detail pics below:

I put it on for a quick naptime kangaroo carry and couldn't believe how moldable it was. This wrap barely needed any breaking in - after a wash, it was already so floppy. And after a couple of days of near-constant wearing, I can say its pretty much broken in. I say near-constant because I was too afraid to wear it in any situation which could result in stains! That meant not wearing it when I might eat, cook, or be forced to wrap outdoors where naughty dirt and mud might get on it. I did wear it daily in the two weeks it was with me though, just because it was such a joy to wrap with. But only for nap times. And absolutely no snacking ever. (Probably for the best).

It does wrinkle very easily, which - as someone who also hates ironing - was a little bothersome for me. Some people don't mind, or even enjoy ironing their wraps, so perhaps this isn't a deal-breaker for most people. In addition to not enjoying the process of ironing, I was also really intimidated by the thought of ironing silk. Anyway, I did iron it (verrrry carefully) and the entire wrap is still a little bit wrinkly. So just note that this wrap will wrinkle and you'd probably have to avoid it if you're really bothered by that.

Anyway, onto the wrapping qualities!

This Lace prototype is incredibly easy to wrap with. Being so thin, it isn't cumbersome to use, even though it's long for me at a size 6 (base +1 for me). Plus, the rails were so easy to adjust because of the glide. The cotton gives it a little stretch, and the silk gives it strength. It does, however, start getting saggy and diggy after a couple of hours of wear. I think this can be attributed to its thinness and glidiness. That being said, these qualities also make for a tiny slipknot that's easy to adjust when I did an FWCC TAS with a slipknot, which makes me think this wrap would really shine as a shortie.

In this longie size, however, I found that the best way to avoid digginess was to tighten very carefully (which you should be doing every time anyway, but can take way too long to do when you have a new crawler who isn't 100% into being wrapped right now!!!).

My favorite thing about this wrap is how it pleats. Wraps that pleat themselves are a joy to wrap with, and are beautiful to photograph! It's also a good visual clue as to whether or not I've properly tightened my wrap jobs. Loose or no pleats = sag = digginess. I found that formula to be true each and every time. Oh, but when I have the luxury of taking my time with a wrap job (side eyes Adam), it feels so good. It molds around me and Adam so well!

Its colors are way too light for me to consider adding it to my stash, but that's totally my personal taste. I know there are plenty of babywearers who love a light-colored wrap! I must say, the colors have a subtle elegance. It's not too loud or ostentatious. The cool light blue is almost grey in some light, and almost lilac in others. As someone who likes a bold and graphic wrap, I was surprised to find that I liked the fact that this wrap is a little more dainty, a little more refined. Definitely made me re-consider my opinion on more subtle patterns.

The Lace pattern is intricate and so pretty, my immediate thought was "Where can I get a wedding dress to match with it for the photo shoot, and how much would it cost to go somewhere with snow?". Alas, on a limited budget with no access to snowy areas in the middle of Australian summer, I decided the best way to showcase the delicate contrast and detailed pattern was near the beautiful fig trees on the way to my town's train station. It's no snowy winter wonderland and I'm no Elsa, but I think the photos still turned out great!

As this is a tester wrap, I'm not sure if and/or when this prototype will every be released. But I'll definitely update this post if it does get released! In the meantime, head on over to the All Things Woven Wings chatter page to see more Woven Wings testers (#wwtester). Don't forget to follow Woven Wings on Facebook and Instagram too!

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