Babywearing Review: Ankalia Leaf Dance

Size: 5
Fiber Blend: 100% cotton
Carries Tried: FWCC, DH, FCC, Kangaroo, Ruck
Wearee: 7.5 months

Being able to test and review TWO Ankalia wraps in a row?? I'm a lucky lucky girl!

If you know me at all, you'll know that the colors of Leaf Dance aren't really my thing. Monochrome is my go-to. Darker jewel tones if I must have color at all. But I'll be damned if I didn't have a ridiculous amount of fun during this photoshoot!

I daresay the vibrant colors (and matching lipstick) are what did it. I didn't have to do any editing on these shots at all - the colors are completely true to life! Vivid pink-red and vibrant purple come together in this wrap in a way that is fresh, fun, and fashionable. The leaves in the pattern (created by artist Elizabeth Close, a frequent collaborator of Ankalia) almost seem! They truly appear to come alive when this wrap is worn, there's no other way to put it.

Apart from Leaf Dance's stunning good looks, I must say the wrap qualities are impressive for being 100% cotton. Bearing in mind that Leaf Dance came to me in loom state looking and feeling like canvas, I must say I'm really impressed by how much it has changed post wash and wear in the week that its been with us. Just check out the loom to bloom shots below!

This wrap has excellent glide - double hammocks are so quick and easy to do, and was my favorite go-to carry with it. There isn't much grip, which I think has more to do with the fact that it need more breaking in than anything else. Let's just say I didn't risk single knots in this beauty. To be fair, this wrap is in no way slippery! Pair that with its sturdiness, multiple passes stayed put for up to 1.5hrs before sagging very slightly - not enough for me to want to adjust it, but enough that it started feeling diggy on my shoulders.

This wrap is hardly cushy, but its sturdiness makes for a supportive wrap job, which is a great achievement for an all-cotton wrap. What's also impressive is how it well it pleats itself, especially considering that it's not even broken in yet. I think Leaf Dance will be gorgeous on the shoulders and in torso passes once it's fully broken in. And I do love me a photogenic wrap.

Leaf Dance will be released on February 17th, 2017 - VERY SOON! Please "like" Ankalia's Facebook Page and turn on notifications so you will be alerted to its release. You can find more information about the release (including prices, draw-to-purchase instructions, and lay-by options) by clicking HERE. Also, join the Ankalia chatter group, Ankalia Embraced, to see even more photos and reviews of Leaf Dance.

Scroll down to see more photos of Ankalia Leaf Dance - including close-ups!

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