Weekly Roundup 002

This week's been a whirlwind, hence the photo I chose above. Between my parents visiting, lots of last-minute school shopping (which is still not completely done because I'm a terrible mum), lots of trips to the post office, and just day-to-day chaos, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to write for the blog. I have, however, had time to peruse Feedly every night before bed and I'm sharing a few of my favorite blog posts of the week!

These are what I've been clicking on this week via Feedly. Don't forget to check out Feedly and follow me by clicking HERE! The Feedly App is my favorite way to catch up on my favorite blogs while on the go (which is all the time, obviously). Trust me, it's amazing.

  1. 5 Tips For How To Travel On A Budget by Keiko Lynn
    I've been having a bout of wanderlust recently, but traveling as a family of five is generally a costly affair. That being said, this post has great tips on how to travel without spending too much moolah! #2 and #3 blew my mind - I had NO IDEA these options existed.
  2. The Korean Beauty Tip for Long Lasting Makeup by The Coveteur
    The blog posts states that this is a beauty tip that has gone viral on social media, but I must say this is the first time I've ever heard of it! It sounds kinda bizarre, but I am definitely trying it. Frequent touch-ups are impossible for busy mums, so read this post to figure out how to make your makeup stay on your face all day.
  3. Why I've Ditched Heels For Flats Forever by The Pink House
    I've not worn heels taller than 1.5 inches for at least 1.5 years now. There was a time when I would spend a whole three hours wearing 3-inch heels, which seems ridiculous to think about now. I don't think I'll ever go back to routinely wearing heels, and this post is really comforting to me - I am not alone!
  4. IKEA Expert Shares Top Decluttering and Storage Hacks by The Interiors Addict
    Am I going to share a post about IKEA every single week? The answer is probably yes, lol. This one's really good though, I promise! I'm still in de-cluttering mode, and although I've promised myself I won't buy any more storage solutions (because I just don't have the space, and I seem to want to hide my junk in them fill them up eventually anyway), I am definitely coming back to this post when I move to a more spacious house one day.
Do you have a blog post to share with me? It could be your own, or someone else's. Comment with some links so I can have some more reading materials tonight! 

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