Summer Daze

The summer holidays here in Melbourne is marked by extremely hot days and really bored children who want to play outside but also do not want to burn to a crisp. So on slightly cool days, my boys (the big, bearded one included) relish some outdoor time in our backyard or the park nearby.

We've put a small blow-up pool in our backyard, which has upped the fun ratings in our household by at least ten-fold! The littlest one occasionally joins in the fun, but more often than not, he's happy just to watch. When he's in there, though, he's just one of the guys!

Of course, the park is where the real action happens. Between throwing planes and (pretty crappily-made) robot bats, and also using the skating half-pipe as a big slide, we can while away entire hours there. We're pretty lucky to be walking distance from a few parks. It's definitely helped quell some of the cabin fever these past few weeks. That, and the random wildlife that we see as we walk around the neighborhood, haha. Say hello to one of the many cockatoos that live in our neighborhood!

As much as I've enjoyed having all this time with the older boys (and being able to sleep in, hurrah!), I am definitely looking forward to school starting again soon. The boys feel the same way, I think! 

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