My Maternity Photoshoot - Part 1

When I first got pregnant, I knew immediately that I would want to get birth photos done. And, of course, I needed to get newborn and family photos done after that! But I genuinely didn't consider getting maternity shots done. I was so uncomfortable in my skin, and unbearably self-conscious about my size and shape during this pregnancy, as I was the biggest I'd ever been in my life, and definitely the largest I'd ever been between my three pregnancies.

But then I told my sister-in-law about it. And in the way she always does, she gently reminded me that this was such a special time in my life, and a significant memory that I'd want to look back on in the future. She told me that I would never regret getting beautiful photos done, no matter how bad I think I look.

She was right.

I am so pleased with these photos by the award-winning photographer Emily Black of Emily Black Photography that we shot at Yan Yean Reservoir here in Melbourne (who, of course, shot my birth photos too - see them HERE). They capture this special moment in our family's life perfectly: the older boys' mischievousness, Dan's excitement, and - despite myself - the joy I felt in my fully bloomed pregnant form. 

My body and its scars are all there for the world to see, but all they do is show ME - from the stretchmarks on my belly to that dang scar on my arm (a keloid scar that I have a contentious relationship with since I was 12 that I am starting to embrace as a quirk since it refuses to vanish despite spending thousands of dollars trying to get rid of it through the decades).

I am so glad we did this. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them!

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