Babywearing Review: Woven Wings Geo - The Bird Linens (Heron, Storge, and Magpie)

Sizes: Heron 6, Storge 6, Magpie 3
Fiber Content: 21% linen, 79% Egyptian cotton
Carries Tried: FWCC for Heron and Storge; ruck CCB, short FCC with rings, Poppin's and HJBC for Magpie.
Wearee: Around 5kg and 2 months old in Heron and Storge; around 7kg and 5 months old in Magpie

Cons: The linen content means these wraps require a LOT of breaking in, and wrinkle pretty easily. Plenty of nubs and slubs in the Heron, less so in the Storge and Magpie. I'm guessing that perhaps breaking in the wrap also puffs up the threads and makes those nubs and slubs less obvious.
Pros: Soft, floppy, drapey perfection once fully broken in. Nice and cool thanks to the linen content. Great warm weather wrap.

I count myself a very lucky girl if for no other reason than having such generous babywearing friends. It was through one of those friends - the wonderful Aishah Hatta of HappyFluffy - that I had the opportunity to try two Woven Wings wraps when I was back in Malaysia recently. And it was indirectly because of her that I ended up buying a third one!

This review is unique in that I am reviewing three different wraps with the same fiber content at different stages of broken-in-ness. I received Heron and Storge as their first stop on their flight around Malaysia, with Heron being practically in loom state and Storge about halfway broken in. A couple of months later, I finally got my hand on Magpie, the beautiful monochrome that is completely broken in (and never leaving my home, unless someone wants to trade me a size 4 for it!).

When I first received Heron and Storge, I decided to play with Heron first simply because the grey and white are much more my colors than Storge's coral-pink hue. Aishah had warned me beforehand that Heron was not yet broken in. In fact, that's why she was sending it for a bit of a travel. So I wasn't too surprised when I had it in hand to find that it was fairly stiff. Still, it wasn't as bad as some other wraps I've tried that needed breaking in, and I know that linen blends take a bit more effort to soften up.

Due to me being back home and family members wanting to hold Adam most of the time, I didn't get to wear him as much as I would've liked. So, sadly, I only got to use Heron a few times during hour-long wrap naps, and also a quick walk around my parent's neighborhood to take some photos, naturally ;p

My favorite wrap qualities are cushiness and moldability. I don't mind a little sag, as long as I feel like I'm wrapping with a soft, old blanket. Alas, Heron in his brand new state did not fit most of this criteria! Quite the opposite, it was fairly diggy after about half an hour, even with a small baby. Again, bear in mind that Heron had not been broken in at all, so it's to be expected. I was, however, happy to discover that it hugged Adam nicely and was quite "bandage-y", despite its stiffness. It was also surprisingly supportive given how thin it was! I definitely appreciated that quality, because that alone makes it a good summertime wrap.

Then I finally tried Storge. Straight out of the bag, it had beautiful drape and blankety goodness. I did not expect this at all, given my experience with Heron! But there ya go - Storge was only slightly more broken in and already so much more cushy! I actually grinned when I wrapped with Storge because it immediately cemented my decision to get my hands on a broken in bird linen Woven Wings Geo wrap for summer.

Which I did, a couple of months later. Now, this story is a testament to serendipity and the wonderful international community of Winglets. A fellow Winglet had posted a photo of her amazing monochrome stash on the Woven Wings chatter page: All Things Woven Wings. Her stash included the elusive Magpie, and I made an offhand comment about how no one ever lets go of their Magpies (which is very true based on the couple of months I had been part of the community up till then. For whatever reason, there are now multiple Magpies up for sale when I have no funds). Suddenly someone commented that they were thinking about letting theirs ago! Long story short, I managed to get Magpie. It may not be in my favorite size, but I'm still very happy to have it!

Magpie is completely and beautifully broken in. I teared up a little when I took it out of the packaging - so soft!!! The complete opposite of its sibling, Heron. Magpie is cushy, supportive, thin...THE perfect summer time wrap for me. And just in time, too, because according to the weather reports, Melbourne is finally going to warm up soon.

Magpie has also inspired me to be more adventurous in trying out different carries. I am not a fan of shorties but I'm definitely starting to understand why some parents only use short wraps. They're surprisingly versatile, and fold down small enough to fit in your handbag or diaper bag.

So, those were my experiences with the Woven Wings Geo Bird Linens. Heron, Storge, and Magpie may have come from the same flock, but because I tried them at different points of their lifetimes, I got to see their characters through infancy (Heron), adolescence (Storge), and adulthood (Magpie). For anyone living in warmer climates or are looking for an attractive, supportive, and cool summer wrap, you need to get one (or all) of these birdies in your life!

Note: You can find info on other Woven Wings Geo wraps with the same fiber content HERE.

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