Babywearing Review: Minako Ursus Polar

Size: 6
Fiber Content: 42% L.S. Egyptian cotton, 36% Japanese Tsumugi silk (space dyed) 16% mulberry silk, 6% baby camel
Carries Tried: DH, FCC, FWCC
Wearee: 6 months, roughly 9kg

Pros: Surprisingly supportive. Amazingly cushy - one of the cushiest wraps I've ever tried. Grippy enough to hold together even the sloppiest wrap jobs.
Cons: Silk = special care has to be taken with laundering. It's also quite warm to wrap with, probably because of its thickness and silk content.

The Minako Ursus Polar is the most exotic fiber blend I've ever had the opportunity to try. I mean, baby camel?? And TWO types of silk?? Pretty epic. More than just being a luxurious blend of fibers though, I can honestly say that the wrap qualities of Ursus Polar are one of the best I've ever tried!

When I first received it, I was caught off-guard with how thick and heavy it felt in hand. It's 290gsm, but it felt like it was in the 300s! The weight meant that it had delicious drape - almost velvet-like. I've mentioned before that I love wraps that feel like an old blanket. Well Minako Ursus Polar one definitely ticked that box! However, it also felt a little too stretchy in hand. I don't mind stretchiness in my wraps. In fact, I prefer having a bit of stretch with my wrap jobs. But I was a little nervous that it wouldn't be supportive enough, and that I'd end up re-adjusting my wrap job every half hour.

I was wrong.

Wrapping with Ursus Polar was a lesson in not judging a book by its cover. All that stretch? Gone. Replaced by a shocking sturdiness. The delicously nubby weaves also meant that passes locked in the moment you made them. This grippiness meant ZERO re-adjusting of this wrap once I tied off my wrap job. Even after 2+ hours of playing at the park! And the thickness meant having ultimate cushiness and absolutely no digginess.

I loved wearing this wrap out into the city in an FCC, which is a notoriously diggy carry if you are sloppy or don't properly re-adjust it after taking baby in and out (and in and out and in and...) of the carry. Well, Ursus Polar supportive and cushy through the day with no adjustments to my FCC at all.

This wrap wasn't with me long enough for me to take proper close-ups, but I hope these pictures can do the unique colors some justice. You see, from afar, Ursus Polar looks black and white. Or maybe even black and grey. But it is neither! Multiple pastel colors come together to contrast against the black, almost like a precious pearl set upon a velvet cloth. It's unique, and - if I may say so - a little magical!

The pattern of this wrap is of bears (Ursus Polar = Polar Bear) but once wrapped, you can hardly see that little detail. In fact, it looks almost abstract once you wear it. The pattern reminds me of the Oscha Zorro, or even the Oscha Raja. What they have in common is, of course, the fact that their feature fauna in their pattern (Zorro features foxes, while Raja features tigers). But what makes me think of those other wraps is the "tiger stripe" pattern that you can see from afar when it's being worn. It's not really my style - which is why this wrap was only with me for a short time - but it's definitely gorgeous!

While the looks of this wrap weren't for me, the wrap qualities make me want to find another Minako wrap with a similar blend to make my own. As a brand, Minako makes such elegant wraps in incredibly luxurious blends, and I look forward to trying (and reviewing!) more of their wraps soon.

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