Adam Axl's Home Birth - Photos!

I shared Adam's birth story a little while ago (read it HERE so you can really understand what's going on in these photos), and on his half-birthday - yep, he turns 6 months old today and actually just cut his first tooth! - I'm so excited to finally share his birth photos!!

I knew I wanted photos taken of his birth from the moment I found out I was pregnant, but I also knew I had to have a photographer I could trust. Not just someone who would be there to take photos, but someone who would bring the right energy to my birth, and who has a vision that aligns with mine when it comes to the aesthetics of the photos.

I count myself so lucky to discover Emily Black of Emily Black Photography at a baby expo early on in my pregnancy. I remember looking at a bunch of different photo studios there and feeling the shots on display. It lacked something. I still can't explain exactly what it is. I just know that Emily has it!

Emily not only took these birth photos, but she also took photos for my maternity shoot and Adam's newborn shoot (which I will share in the coming weeks, of course!). I just love her vision so much! And I'm not the only one - Emily has won multiple national and international awards for her work.

Our birth was made ever more special by her presence there. Not only did she take photos, but she physically helped us by turning the tap on and off in our laundry room (the water source for my birthing tub) as and when I needed it. She entertained the older boys as I went through the beginning stages of labor. She watched me with tears in her eyes as I went through the later, more emotional, stages of labor - proof of how much she cares about not only her job but her clients as people as well. As a mother herself, there is a special reverence in her attitude towards birth and motherhood. She recognizes and pays tribute to the power of a woman during the process of becoming a mother, and I am so glad she was there to document mine.

Alright, enough with the words. Let the photos speak for themselves!

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