Monochrome Chunky Knit Cowl

I shared a photo of myself knitting this on Instagram, and it turned out so well that I couldn't help but share some photos of the finished project here!

I bought these massive 25mm knitting needles from Wic & Folk at the Big Design Market recently, and just could not wait to knit with them. Coincidentally, I had just recently ordered some bulky alpaca yarn - custom dyed a lovely monochrome gradation! - from Changeling Coloured Yarns.

Knowing it'd take no time at all to complete the project, I decided to just wing it (instead of knitting a swatch). I shouldn't have done that, haha. I actually frogged (AKA unraveled, for you non-knitters) the entire project twice.

But all in all, it took barely 15mins to complete the project once I found the right amount of stitches to cast on. I must say, I'm definitely into jumbo knitting. Gotta get my hands on some jumbo yarn and make a blanket - honestly, I doubt that'd take more than a day (maybe two, knowing how my life goes)!

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