FemiVa by Alainn: My (and my vajayjay's) experience!

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Look, I've shot out three kids through my vajayjay. That's three times that my hoohaa has been stretched out to its limit and then shrunk back down to normal. And the standard of "normal" changes each time! As a matter of fact, according to Dr. Nurul Ain Abdullah of Alainn MediSpa, multiple childbirths can lead to Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) caused by a loosened and weakened vaginal wall.

So, when I was pregnant with Adam, I was very concerned with how things were going to change down there. How different will things look? How will intimacy be affected? What can I do to make sure things spring back to normal (and ASAP)?

One thing I did was to take all measures to ensure no tearing would occur. Perineal massage and a water birth meant that I was successful in that regard. But what else could I do?

Well, during pregnancy I started researching non-invasive things I could do to get things back to usual conditions. Let me tell you, there are SO MANY creams, gadgets, and procedures out there these days. And one of them is FemiVa.

FemiVa is a good option for:
  • Women who experience decrease in sensation and stimulation during intercourse
  • Women with gaping vaginal opening
  • Women who notice that tampons usually slip out easily or during intercourse partner slips out easily
  • Women with vagina that produces “gas-like” sounds during intercourse or “popping” sounds while walking
  • Women who are not satisfied with the appearance of the labia due to sagging skin
  • Women who have vaginal dryness, lack of moisture or pain during intercourse
  • Women who have frequent itching or burning sensation of the vulva
  • Women with involuntary release of urine, especially during coughing, sneezing or laughing
  • Women who are looking for an overall improved look and feel of the vulva and vagina post-delivery
Full disclosure: Dr Nurul Ain is a beloved family friend. When she approached me to try out the FemiVa procedure, I jumped at the opportunity. It was exactly what I was looking for! So when I went back to Malaysia for a visit recently, I finally got it done.

Alainn MediSpa offers two FemiVa treatment options: FemiVa which is just vulva rejuvenation (external) and FemiVa Plus, which is both vulva and vaginal rejuvenation. I opted for the FemiVa Plus treatment. This way, my jazzy-vajjy will look AND feel better.

The Alainn MediSpa is located at the Park Lane Commercial Park in Petaling Jaya, which wasn't too far from where I was staying. The MediSpa is exactly what it sounds like - a medical clinic combined with a spa. I was immediately relaxed once I walk in. No harsh clinical lighting here!

The entire Femiva Plus procedure took about half an hour. The first part was the internal vaginal treatment. A prong is inserted into my kitty, and a series of lasers flew around my cavern (that makes it sound cavernous. It's not. Things haven't gotten that bad, you can't hear echoes in there and there are no bats, lol). There was absolutely no pain, just a weird series of knocking sensations deep inside. This went on for about 5 minutes.

Next is the external treatment AKA vulva rejuvenation. First a jelly-like fluid is spread across my lady bits. It's similar in consistency to the stuff they put on your belly during pregnancy ultrasounds. The best way I can describe the following procedure is its like ironing away your wrinkles. The wand that is used gradually heats up while it is rubbed around your flaps. It starts out okay but does get very very hot towards the end. It's not too painful but definitely uncomfortable. I just told my therapist to stop for a bit when it got too much. This part of the treatment is about twenty minutes long. The procedure is done for ten minutes on each side of your labia. It's entirely non-invasive and is a good option if you only want things to feel nice and tight on the outside. It also has zero downtime, compared to the internal treatment that requires at least 24 hours abstinence afterwards (Daniel was mortified, but he survived).

For best results, you should plan on repeating the treatment 2-4 times, making sure to have 2 weeks between treatments.

It's been three weeks since I underwent the FemiVa Plus procedure. I took photos of my lady bits before the procedure and every week after. I won't be sharing them (lol) but I can assure you that there's a definite difference in how things look externally. It's all just...smoother.

As for how things feel, there's definitely an improvement there as well. Intimacy has never been an issue for Dan & I, so I didn't necessarily feel the need to "improve" anything, but I must say that things are definitely feeling better than usual!

I think most women think it's taboo or shameful to speak candidly about their vajizzle, but the truth is that treatments like FemiVa are a huge hit, and for good reason! It is okay to admit that maybe your oft-neglected vagina/vajayjay/lady bits/hoo haa needs a bit of a treat. And now you know where to go to do it!

And good news for my readers: Alainn Medispa is currently offering 20% off the FemiVa Plus treatment until 31st October. For more information about FemiVa, please click here, or contact Alainn Medispa directly:
Alainn Medispa
J-2-3 Jalan SS7/26
Park Lane Commercial Hub
Kelana Jaya 47301
Petaling Jaya 
Call 03-78876499
WhatsApp 012-2710301 
Operating hours  
Monday to Saturday - 9.30am to 6.00pm
P.S: I must say, this post has challenged me to use my creativity to come up with effective euphemisms!

Note: This is a sponsored post, which means that I received the product and/or service in exchange for writing this post/review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh wow, this is new to me! Hahahah. I am still too scared to look at my own vajayjay esp after my first natural birth! Hahaha. How la to see the difference. However, I appreciate that you have enlightened us here. This is a new conversation starter with my girlfriends definitely.

    P/S : I am trying to be non-taboo about this. Question : does the treatment could cause accidental orgasm? I am curious. LOL


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