And then there were 5 ;)

I'm pregnant!

Yep, Dan did it. He knocked me up, that cheeky git. I'm now almost 19 weeks along (the photo is from last week, at 18 weeks), so the halfway mark is just around the corner! The baby is due June 30, but we all know that's just a loose estimate. Still, I can happily say I know the exact week this child was conceived thanks to being in a long-distance marriage at the time and a very timely week-long visit by Dan where my pills failed, lol.

In addition to being preggers, I have also finally moved to Melbourne! The kids and I have been here for a little over a month now. It still feels surreal that we're finally here, wow.

I know this doesn't excuse my absence from the blog, but between an exhausting first trimester (honestly, this pregnancy has been a lot more taxing overall compared to the other two) and the chaos of moving to another country and settling down in our new home, blogging has been the last thing on my mind.

That being said, I do want to be more disciplined again with blogging, so here's to more frequent updates soon! I'm going to catch up on my favorite blogs now. Hopefully I'll be inspired to write more in the coming days and weeks. Till then, have a fabulous day ahead :D


  1. Hooray! How lovely to hear the news on how things have been going. Things must be pretty crazy what with the new school year just starting, unpacking, settling in and BEING PREGNANT! Such amazing news. Glad to have you back ^_^

    1. Glad to be back, Serene! Yeah it's been really intense, but things are finally settling down and we're getting into our routines finally (though that will all change completely in about 5 months, lol). Sorry I've been MIA!

  2. yeaa..glam mama is back....tkcr adrin..

  3. awwww congrats!!!! how exciting for you guys :)

  4. Congrats!! I hope you're feeling well :)
    xx Elle

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  5. More pregger photos and OOTDs please :P


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