Need glam nursing wear? iOli Malaysia to the rescue!

I can't tell you how happy I am when I get to blog about two of my passions at the same time: fashion and motherhood. Thanks to iOli Malaysia, it's happening!

I'm so honored to have been invited to the private launch for this home-grown and upscale nursing-friendly apparel brand at Ruang last week. I am so happy that Yan Lim, founder of iOli Malaysia, amazing mom, and good friend of mine, took the plunge to fill in this gap in the market for "contemporary, smart and versatile clothing that provides style and comfort (with proper access on chest) for nursing and pumping mothers".

There are plenty of local nursing wear vendors here in Malaysia, but I genuinely think iOli Malaysia features a level of chic that hasn't yet existed in the local market. This collection is comparable to imported nursing wear, tbh. Don't believe me? Check this out:

That black dress is everything OMG.

I loooooove this dress kindly gifted to me by iOli Malaysia that I wore to the launch (the fabric is so luscious I had my eyes closed from the pleasure of it all, hahaha):
Photo credit: Shereena of That Skinny Elephant.
From L-R: Ayuni from Mommy Confessionals (and her hilarious daughter), Me, Shereena of That Skinny Elephant, Yan Lim of iOli Malaysia, and Diyana from 

There are so many pieces from the collection that I really like, but the black Jeanette Shift Dress and the Athena Wrap Dress mentioned above are definitely my faves. In addition to being glam, the folks at iOli Malaysia also have a Giving-Back program, where for every dress purchased, iOli Malaysia will donate RM2 to Non-Profit-Organisations or causes that can help to affect positive change. So you'll be doing good while also updating your wardrobe ;)

To order your own iOli Malaysia piece, make sure yo go to NOW! Don't forget to follow @ioliMalaysia on Instagram and Facebook as well. 


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