The Glam Mama Official Policy On Formula-Related Events/Sponsored Posts/Promotion

I have recently been receiving a LOT of invitations for events and campaigns sponsored by formula companies. This has never been much of a problem up until a few months ago, I don't know why it's happening now. I mean, breastfeeding is something I am very vocal and passionate about. It's hardly a secret!

So, to make it clear:
I have never,  and will never, knowingly collaborate with formula companies. This includes any events, products, and/or campaigns sponsored by formula companies. I am, first and foremost, a breastfeeding advocate. I have turned down actual paying jobs in order to never play a part in the formula marketing machine, so I have no qualms about missing out on blogging-related opportunities that require me to sell out to formula companies. Thank you!
(I've put this up on my About Me page as well, so nobody can miss it).

Btw, while I could reply to these formula company invitations one-by-one, I am not going to bother. You know why? Because they didn't bother to read anything about me or what this blog is about. They didn't do their homework, but I am not their teacher, and so I have no duty to correct their mistake. Seriously, PR companies and clients: DO YOUR RESEARCH. Or don't. It's quite likely you've been wondering why your campaign isn't getting any engagement. Here's a clue: You aren't doing your job. And if it means that less people will be victim to your marketing ploys, then keep it up!

P.S: I am not judging mommy bloggers who participate - that decision is theirs, this decision is mine - but I will always judge formula companies harshly for the crap they pull on parents everywhere (click that link, because the info is really worth knowing). 

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