3 Ways To Convert Regular Clothes Into Nursing Clothes

I'm a big believer in nursing wear. I just think that it makes it a lot more convenient for moms to breastfeed, which in turn encourages them to breastfeed longer! That being said, I don't think that breastfeeding moms should be stuck wearing nursing clothes for the entire time they are breastfeeding. Sure, there are a LOT of stylish nursing wear out there, but sometimes you want to partake in a very specific current trend, and your only options are non-nursing clothes.

So here are some ways you can convert regular, non-nursing clothes into nursing (AKA breastfeeding-friendly) clothes! (Btw, I used to use these combos when I was breastfeeding, so believe me when I say they work):

1. The Deep V-Neck and DIY Nursing Tank Combo

V-Neck Tee by Cotton On: BUY HERE

This was one of my most favorite combinations when I was breastfeeding. Just pair a deep v-neck top (or even a kimono-style top) with this DIY tank. Simply cut a semi circle opening on the sides of the tank top. I managed to get tank tops for RM10-RM15 at various places, so please don't cut up any of your really expensive tanks!

Simply lower the neck of your tee, and allow your child to nurse through the nursing openings of your tank top.

2. The Button-Up Shirt and DIY Nursing Tank Combo 

Fly Front Long Sleeve Shirt by Hana Tajima for Uniqlo: BUY HERE

Pair a button-up shirt (I love this one from the Hana Tajima collection at Uniqlo, but you can always borrow your hubby's shirt!) with a tank top with side slits which you can DIY in all of 10 seconds, if that.

Just unbutton the first few buttons of your shirt, and your child can access the boob from the nursing openings in the tank.

3. The Loose Crop Top and Regular Tank Top Combo

Basic Zipper Flare Top by Something Borrowed: BUY HERE

Loose crop tops are all the rage right now, and I love this chic one by Something Borrowed. Pair it with a regular tank top, although make sure you choose something stretchy so that you can pull down the tank top while allowing your loose crop top to provide some cover. Discreet!


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