Authorpreneurs: How I Marketed My Book

I was so very honored today to have been invited to this month's MPH Writer's Circle to share my experience on marketing my book. As I mentioned to the people who attended, I am still surprised that my book did so well. I really just wanted to write something that would be helpful - to have it become a bestseller is just beyond my wildest dreams!

Anyhow, I figured that there'd be future authors (AKA authorpreneurs!) who would like to know a little bit of what I shared at the Writer's Circle, so here's a quick post about how I marketed Babywearing Made Simple:
Plan Ahead
I began discussing and strategizing my marketing long before I had even completed the first draft of the book. This allowed me to fully utilize the time that I had pre- and post-printing to market the book. 
Share The Experience
I shared my journey in writing the book on all my social media platforms, building the hype (as any of my awesome regular readers can attest to!). This allowed my supporters to be a part of the process. In fact, the models in my book were chosen from a model search that I hosted especially for the book. After the book came out, they each received a signed copy of the book, which features wonderful pictures of them with their children.
Plan A Unique and Appropriate Launch
Planning the Glam Mama Bazaar was a really time-consuming and nerve-wrecking process, but it was so worth it! I managed to draw a big crowd (which was great for my vendors and also my book sales on the day itself), make an impression on members of the media, and continue my involvement in the parenting community. I also got to meet a lot of my supporters in person, which was personally a very emotional thing for me - that kinda thing will definitely motivate you! 
Be Genuine
I never really resorted to "hard sell" to promote my book on social media. My interest in babywearing is something that's always been a part of my life, so it's bound to make an appearance in my Instagram and Facebook posts! I think that being genuinely passionate about what you're writing will make an impression on your target audience. 
Be Involved
I have, and will always be, involved in the parenting community in some way. I conduct parenting (and babywearing) talks, seminars, and workshops, and frequently meet with key leaders and vendors in the community. I also make sure to communicate and interact with my supporters both online and offline. Through all this, I have continued to share my journey as a person and an author, and I think that this is something my supporters appreciate (at least, I hope they do!). 
Be Gracious
I make it a point to give a shoutout to any media outlet that reviews my book, whether on my blog or other social media platforms. It's a polite thing to do, and is also an opportunity for you to market your book. Remaining humble and gracious is a likeable trait in any person, and I truly believe that people gravitate towards folks who have this positive attitude. This also means that if you happen to read a positive review of your book by a reader on social media, make it a point to thank them even if you don't know them personally yet and you don't stand to "gain" anything by thanking them. gracious, ok?

The next MPH Writer's Circle will happen in August. If you are thinking about becoming an author, do go! You'll get to learn things, and you'll get to network. Heck, you might just be signed on as an author then and there. So please follow the MPH Writer's Circle page so you can stay in the loop!


  1. I wish someday I will publish my own book. You are really inspiring, now I feel like I should work harder to get there! :)

    1. I'm sure it'll happen for you! :D Good luck!!


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