Planning a wedding AKA the most stressful thing ever

Seriously, I have so many things I want to write about that don't have anything to do with the wedding, but the wedding is basically the primary thing on my mind these days...and it shows.

I'm really sorry to see the blog so neglected. It just occurred to me this morning that the blog has always been a very therapeutic outlet for me, and that abandoning it is only making the stress worse, so here's my attempt at getting my thoughts out in writing.

And to make up for my absence, here is a sneak preview of my pre-wedding photoshoot! (Sorry, not HQ...lifted it from the photographer's Instagram *lol*)

Wedding planning isn't stressful in itself. If it was all I was doing with my time, I think I would thoroughly enjoy it! Alas, I have multiple jobs to juggle, along with the general chaos that is motherhood, and other things that encompass my insanely fulfilling (albeit exhausting) life.

I'm not a bridezilla, necessarily, but I am a total control freak (NOT THE SAME THING OK). I don't quite care what everything looks like, but I sure as heck care that it gets bloody done on time and within budget. And FYI, with less than 5 weeks left till the wedding, there are still a ton of things to get done.

I don't regret not hiring a wedding planner. My primary concern with this wedding is that it has to be low cost, and I'm quite happy with where we are budget-wise. I know from experience that this would not have been easily achieved with someone else on board. So it's been pretty satisfying for me to have done most of this myself. I just wish there was more than 24 hours in a day...and that vendors work all those hours ;p

So what's coming up in the life of this bride-to-be?

Today I went to my first dress fitting, and it went well insofar as the outfits actually fitting (haha). There are still some tweaks left to be done, but I'm not too worried. Just gotta keep eating clean and training dirty!

In a couple of weeks, I'll be going to the caterer's food-tasting session (free food that I can't actually eat because DIEt, yay).

I'll also meet with the venue's in-house wedding planner while trying to avoid being convinced to add on any unnecessary details (my wedding is really really really bare bones and simple, which I love...but I can't tell you how many vendors tell me I must have this or that latest thing. Um, I'll take them if they're free...).

Then after that, we've got the wedding rehearsal (OMG).

And then my parents-in-law are coming to town, along with Daniel's siblings and friends. This part I'm genuinely looking forward to :D

Of course, after all that, Daniel and I will be getting married. Which will make all this absolutely worth it ;)

Well...writing all this was really cathartic! Maybe my stress is caused by just keeping all this stuff in my head.

...Or maybe I'm just hungry.


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