Malaysian Babywearers IBW 2014 "Share The Adventure" Carnival - This Saturday!

I'm super psyched to be a part of Malaysian Babywearer's "Share the Adventure" Carnival that they've organized to celebrate International Babywearing Week 2014! There'll be many babywearing and baby-related vendors there, so if you're a parent or parent-to-be, you need to be there :D
DATE: Saturday, Dec 6 (My birthday!)
TIME: 9.30am - 5.00pm
VENUE: West Boulevard Garden, One City Mall (USJ 25/1A Subang Jaya 47650, Petaling Jaya)

As you can see, I'll be there! I'll be giving a brief talk about the basics of babywearing at 10.30am, so make it there early if you wanna see me ;) If you have a copy of my book, I'll be there to sign it, and if you haven't gotten your copies yet, then you can get a copy (or two!) at the event itself. 

You'll also be able to buy all sorts of carriers, toys, clothes, and accessories for both baby and you, so please remember to bring some cash because I guarantee you're going to want to buy a bunch of stuff (I pun excited nak beli for my anak buah who is due anytime soon!). For a full list of vendors, check out the Malaysian Babywearers FB Page.

I am so honored to be a part of this event, and I look forward to see y'all there :D Here's a map to the venue to make it easier for you to make it to the carnival. You could also type in "One City Mall" on Waze.

See you this Saturday! 


  1. Sounds fun! I'll try to make it, insya Allah. If I do, I'll give you a holler :)

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