My Top 3 Favorite Baby and Kid's Products at the Bloom & Grow 10th Anniversary Catalogue Launch

I was recently invited to the Bloom & Grow 10th's Anniversary Catalogue Launch where they showcased a bunch of awesome new products by The Gro Company, Ergobaby, Orbitbaby Skip Hop, Krooom, Trunki, and Fertile Mind, among other brands. If you didn't know, Bloom and Grow is a distributor of premium baby and kid's products in Malaysia, with an amazing product line, and they did not disappoint this time around!

Also at the event: celeb mamas including Nana Mahazan, Sheahnee Lee, Sharifah Sofia, Illy Ariffin and Cheesie.

There were lots of new products launched that day, but these three are on my wishlist for sure (actually, one of these I took home that day, lol). In Malaysia, Bloom & Grow retailers include Mothercare, Bebehaus, FabulousMom, Happikiddo, The Baby Loft, One Baby World, Poppies, and Happy Mums. So if you're looking to get any (or all!) of these, you can find them there, or head to for a list of retailers.

(Also, friends and family, consider this a wishlist for whenever I have another bebe ;p)

1. GroHush Baby Calmer

Can I just say...I WISH I had this back in 2007! Babies love white noise. White noise is fantastic because it basically replicates the sounds that babies hear in the womb. When Aqil was a baby, he loved it so much, I used to turn a standing fan on for the whole night...facing the wall! LOL. More recently, my sister-in-law used to play white noise YouTube videos on loop when my nephew was a wee one.

The GroHush is a hand-held calming device that delivers soothing white noise directly to your baby at a safe volume (75 decibels). It can only be heard by the baby, which means that it can be used in public without bothering anyone else around you.

They've done their research, and apparently 85% of parents said that the GroHush worked to calm or soother their baby the first time they used it, and it only took 5 minutes or less on 85% of the babies. HELLO, I want plissss!

The GroHush retails for RM199.

You can check out this video for more info, or check out The Gro Company's YouTube Channel for actual demos:

2. OrbitBaby G3 System

Let me just preface this description by saying that contrary to most people's presumptions, I am not anti-stroller. There's a place and time to use them, although I stand by my conviction that babywearing be your go-to baby transport option in the first six months of his or her life.

That being said, let me just share with you how AWESOME the Orbit strollers are! They've been on my wishlist for a while, but they've only just arrived on our shores thanks to Bloom & Grow. The OrbitBaby G3 is the first 360 degree rotating stroller that enables you to turn your kid to face any direction quickly and effortlessly. The mixable G3 system includes car seats (which are SUPER SIMPLE to install - check out the YouTube video!), stroller seats, bassinets, storage options, and - most importantly - the ability to convert from a single stroller to a double stroller. In the bottom right corner of the first photo above, you can also see how you can install a little skateboard-style thing for older kids to ride on! I wish I had this when my kids were little D:

Here's a video showing just how awesome the OrbitBaby G3 is (seriously, I was squealing throughout the entire video):

FYI, the stroller base retails for RM2,599, while the add-ons range from RM365 for the G3 Stroller Sunshade and RM1,299 for the G3 Stroller Seat.

3. Krooom Playsets and 3D Puzzles

Krooom creates beaitful play sets with so many different themes including pirates, knights, and princesses - all kids' favorites, right?? In addition to all this, Krooom products are 100% recyclable and made of at least 60% post-consumer paper. The playsets retail for RM79-RM179, and the 3D Puzzles retail for RM39, which make them incredibly affordable!

You don't need tools to for assembly, but younger kids definitely need adult help. I spoke to Alexandra Dickson Leach, Founder and CEO of the Bloom and Grow Group, and she mentioned that it's a great family activity where parents and kids can bond together by creating these fantastical play sets. After actually making a Krooom Pirate Ship with my kids, I have to agree! That review will be coming up real soon, but for now, enjoy this video featuring Krooom play sets (mind you, I didn't actually think to watch this video while assembling the ship, and still managed to complete it somehow despite being inept at these kinda things, hahaha):

So, any of these catch your fancy? What's making it's way into your own baby wishlist?

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