Opening Bash for Malaysia Fashion Week 2014

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From last Friday till this coming Wednesday, the inaugural Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW) 2014 will feature the year's most fashionable events in a collaboration between national trade promotion agency MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation), and the country's leading fashion event organizer, STYLO International, supported by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). 

Among the many many events at MFW 2014 was the Opening Bash at Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental, last night! Of course, the most important job for all the guest were to look fashionable ;) And I took that job very seriously indeed.

Outfit details:
CAPRI PANTS by Kaer Kazami
BRALETTE by me ;D Very proud of my last minute DIY k
NECKLACE by Lovisa
SHOES by Ving Ming

(My leather jacket got so so so many compliments last night and I'd just like to point out that Kaer Kazami and Ving Ming are part of a talented group of young designers based in Empire Damansara who would be happy to have you visit their workshops there. Feel free to get in touch with them and also add them on Instagram so you can find out about their awesome clearance sales such as the #bulatsociete sale and #designerblocksale where I got most of their stuff. I'm not getting paid to plug them, I just really love their stuff!)

My bestie Suri and I turned up at Mandarin Oriental with no clue of where Sultan Lounge was even located, lol. Turns out the entrance is actually outside the hotel, and you have to take an elevator down to the basement, which takes you straight to the sexy, decadent lounge.

As you can see, the amateur photographer that I am, I could not figure out how to get decent photos with the very sexy lighting! It was literally in the middle of the darn fashion show that I figured out how to turn on the pop-up flash on my camera. FAIL PLIS.

Luckily, the models went on a last walk down the runway once all was said and done and I managed to capture my three favorite looks on camera!

LOVE this piece by Joe Chia! So wearable, definitely something I could see becoming a staple in my wardrobe!

A gorgeous dress by Khoon Hooi - super dramatic. I don't know if it'll look good on my curves, hahaha. But one can dream!

Hands down my favorite piece of the night, by Khoon Hooi. The color, the cut, the details (exposed zippers are a personal favorite of mine - instant attitude)...perfection. On my wishlist for sure.

Anyway, after the fashion show, the lights were left on, so all us bloggers quickly took advantage of it before it disappeared and we were left with the sexy yet useless lighting again.

Expect lots more pictures of me (and my buddies) in the coming days as I share my experience at the first ever Malaysia Fashion Week! Tonight's the launch of the WEAR app I blogged about earlier today, and tomorrow's the Gala Night. The fashion shows will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the STYLO Awards will close the week's festivities on Wednesday. It'll be a crazy week for me, but I'm certainly not complaining!


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