How Safe Are Cosmetic Procedures In Malaysia?

I was recently invited to a really eye-opening event at Dr Alice Medispa in Bangsar. With my little guy tagging along, we attended Dr Alice Michael's Safe Cosmetic Practices Media Forum and learned many interesting about the cosmetic and aesthetic industry in Malaysia.

Now, I’ve had some stuff done before – some more invasive than others, but still, I’ve frequented enough cosmetic doctors, aestheticians, beauty salons, clinics, etc etc to know the game a little bit. Oftentimes its not till the procedure is being done that I realize – wait, I don’t think this person’s qualified to do this! Pretty terrifying when they’re aiming hot laser pulses at your face. I’ve often wondered if there was anyone regulating the industry, and what kind of laws would protect me should someone freakin melt my face off.

Now here’s something interesting I learned at Dr Alice’s Safe Cosmetic Practices Media Forum – there are actual governing bodies for the aesthetic industry here in Malaysia! The Malaysian Medical Council and the National Registry of Registered Medical Practitioners Practicing Aesthetic Medical Practice (well that’s a mouthful! Let’s just call it the Registry) are two such organizations that regulate aesthetic medical practices here. Under the Ministry of Health’s Guideline for Aesthetic Medical Practice, if you lodge a complaint against a registered medical practitioner, it can even lead to the removal of that incompetent medical practitioner from the registry.

However, what happens when the person that melted your face off, isn’t a registered medical practitioner? Nothing. Nada. There are NO DIRECT LAWS to prevent an unqualified person to perform cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedures or to make them face criminal charges event if the patient dies or is disfigured as a result of a botched job.

This is why it is so so so important to find the best aesthetic and cosmetic practitioner if you’re thinking about getting anything done. Consult a real actual doctor who is appropriate for treatment you want to get, and is registered with the Registry. Remember, any licensed physician is legally allowed to advertise as a cosmetic surgeon, even if he or she has no formal surgical training. Get to know him or her – a good doctor would never pressure or rush you. They’d take their time and let you take yours. They’d entertain any and all questions, no matter how silly. They’ll help you manage your expectations in terms of the outcome of the procedure (no lofty “it will change your life” BS here! This is such a red flag in terms of the unqualified “beauticians”).

I’m pretty lucky that I’ve got Dr Alice as my go-to cosmetic doctor! From the time I first met her, she’s always been super patient and generous with her time and knowledge. I’ve learned quite a bit from her, actually, about things that I don’t even plan on doing in the near future! That being said, this media forum has come at the right time because I’m planning to take on my most invasive procedure to date…and I can’t wait to share the experience with you guys soon! ;)


  1. interesting post! love it, ive always wanted to know more about liposuction in Malaysia like the risk and the prices etc. Ive researched quite abit but nothing much thats related to Malaysia. Do make a blog on this if you are ever able to :D

    1. Oh, you will find my next post about Dr. Alice extremely helpful then! Keep checking back - it will be up very soon!

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