Glam Mama Bazaar was on TV! Thank you TV3!

If you follow me on FB and Instagram (if you don't, hello I think it's time you follow me @adrianathani), you'll know that I was on TV this past weekend...and that I totally missed it. Luckily, my friend Fathin managed to record bits of it, so I was quite happy to see that.

Until, that is, my buddy Azaria sent me this copy of the whole segment! Thank you, love!!!

Sila abaikan my terrible Malay k. Kalau bahasa pasar, ok je...tapi bab bahasa baku/formal, ya ampuuuun. Hahahaha. Also, my voice is a little weird here for some reason. As for the title, I think most people can readily understand that this is salah satu cara pihak media mensensasikan sesuatu yang tak perlu disensasikan pun. What to do. 


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