Glam Mama at Malaysia Fashion Week 2014 - Day 5 Fashion Shows

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Wednesday 22/10/2014 - Day 2 of Fashion Shows

(I do not know where the top is from! It was a bazaar find)
SHOES by Ving Ming
BAG by Dior

I could not attend the first day of shows, unfortunately, but was super excited to attend the second day! A few of my favorite Malaysian designers (namely Sazzy Falak, Cassey Gan and Bill Keith) were showcasing their latest collections on the day, along with some new international favorites, so I’m glad I made it. But first, let me just share this awesome picture:

I DO NOT make it a habit to ask celebs for their pics, and this certainly isn’t the first time I’ve met Dato’ Jimmy Choo, but when Saran wanted to take a pic, I was like “Me too!”. I have to credit Dato’ Jimmy – he was harassed constantly the whole day by people wanting to take pics with him and he took it in stride, didn’t even break a sweat!

Anyway, here are my 7 favorite designers and collections on the day! Some of these pieces I am already planning to buy ;p Now all I need to do is earn more $$$ (on that note – need an Emcee? Blogger? Content provider? I’m your gal ;D). Seriously though, with a wedding to save up for, any purchase comes with a massive price tag of guilt D: Le sigh.

OK, onto the pictures! (Sometimes I got good seats, sometimes I got shitty seats, so that explains the awful quality of some of these photos).

Bill Keith

Cassey Gan

Maricel Pamintuan (Brunei)

Min Khant (Myanmar)

Back details are in, yo! Also, Min Khant's on point with his pose. I must learn from him.
Saraya Zahret

Sazzy Falak

I am so buying that jumpsuit on the left when it comes out.

With my beautiful friend, Sazzy Falak. Loved the collection, girl!

Stephany (India)

I was thisclose to buying this piece. Oh wedding, why you so expenssss?

My favorite trends to appear throughout the day were the various takes on crop tops and also lots of back details/cutouts. Gonna have to do lots of core workouts to rock these styles, lol.

And here are random shots throughout the day with friends old and new!

That's Azzura, my buddy who was working PR for the event.
She's an incredibly hard-working woman. I have so much respect for this girl!

Of course, this is my bestie & partner-in-crime, Suri!

Here are Robert Chaen and Craig Santy from Change University. It's not actually a university, hahaha. They specialize in inspiring change and reinvention for huge Fortune 500 companies and have some pretty cool fashion-related projects lined up for 2015.

That's me, Suri, Saran, and Mary Jane.

Paparazzi shot of Min Khant, Azawi David (AKA Divonista) and Jessy.

Later that night: The Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Awards

SHOES by Ving Ming

Guests had to wait ages before we could enter the venue. This, along with the fact that all the food providers were closed up for the day, resulted in some pretty grumpy guests :( In fact, I had to rush off immediately after the event to get some food in my belleh because it was starting to hurt. But before I got too hungry, I did manage to snap this wefie with my bestie!

Anyhoo, here are the pictures of the actual fashion from that night! Enjoy...

This is part of Avel Bacudio’s collection. Hailing from the Philippines, he was last year’s Asia’s Most Influential Designer.

Next was an avant garde fashion show, which was very…um…interesting.

Asia's Most Promising Designer award went to Taiwanese designer Chung Ting Liu, whose designs are featured below.

 Most Influential Designer award for 2014 went to our own homegrown talent, Joe Chia! 

And I’m very honored to say I’m friends with the winner of the WEARista award. The deserving winner was Mary Jane! Couldn’t get a pic with her, but please check out her blog and follow her on Instagram to get the deets.

It was such a fun week. Can't wait to see what Malaysia Fashion Week will have in store for us in 2015! 


  1. OMG JEALOUSY OVERLOADED sgt ni!!! (T.T) missed the chance hopefully will receive invitation lg sooner or later warghhh..btw woww looking smocking hot in all the #ootd tau malatop! XD

    1. Hehehe jangan la, I kembang kuncup tak hengat dah ni! Hello, I yang patut jeles org tu gi London tau *humppph*

  2. omg! babe! reading your blog just now! was so busy even after the fashion week! thank you for being such a very good friend! You are such a wonderful person! I am so blessed to have you and lucky to share the fashion week with you and the other girls! See you soon! luv ya and miss you muah! stay glam and hot mama!! ;)

    1. Awww babe it's so nice getting to know you too! I'll see you next week hehe ;) Miss youuuu xoxo

  3. In love with your top! The one you wore for day event. And your skin, porcelain clean <3


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