Glam Mama at Malaysia Fashion Week 2014 - WEAR App Launch and Gala Night

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Sunday, 19/10/14 - WEAR App Launch

Photo Credit: RAPR Mileage Communications
SHOES by Ving Ming
So I've blogged about the WEAR app before, and of course, as the official digital partner for the Malaysia Fashion Week 2014, they had to launch it sometime during the week! And so last Sunday, the WEAR app was officially launched at Signature @ The Roof, 1First Avenue, Bandar Utama. 

“WEAR combines the best of all popular social media applications and activities such as fashion photo sharing, journaling, hashtagging and e-commerce into one exciting smartphone app,” said Hidenori Fukushima, Manager, WEAR Global Business Development. He's pictured above helping my bestie, Suri, download the app onto her iPhone. Such a sweet guy :)

Myself, Suri, and Mary Jane of
On the left is the cili padi known as Sarah of
Photo Credit: Kee Hua Chee of
Love this girl to the moon and back, I swear.
That's myself, Mary Jane and Jessy of with the team behind WEAR
Here's how you download the WEAR app!
If you haven't already downloaded it, do it now! You'll be joining more than 2.5 million users across Asia and you'll be ahead of the curve as they break into the US market in the coming months. And if you're a designer or store owner, you NEED to get on this app because WEAR allows users to purchase items directly from vendors - a great way to expand your customer base and influence, no?

Monday, 20/10/14 - Gala Night

SHOES by Ving Ming
HAIR by H&M (hahaha)

I do not often get to dress up so formally (which means evening gown, long blond ponytail, and fake eyelashes, of course), so I jumped at the chance to do so at the Gala Night launch for Malaysia Fashion Week! The event was officiated by the TPM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, and then it got really really interesting. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Despite the less-than-ideal seats that resulted in less-than-ideal photos (it felt a little like we were the downstairs crew of Downton Abbey when all us media folk were huddled into the Black Cube, separated from the folk in the White Cube), my buddies and I had a great time at the event, and the chaos was a good preview of how the rest of the week would go! Stay tuned for the next post ;)


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