Big News: I'm engaged!!!

That's right! Daniel got down on one knee and asked me to marry him...and I said yes! This isn't new information for people who follow me on Instagram and FB, but not many people knew the details of what happened on the 6th of August 2014...until now, that is!

I've enlisted the help of my fiancé to describe the day of the proposal. Read on if you want to know exactly how it all went down ;)

me:  hello!
Dan:  helloooo
me:  Ok, so I've tried several times to write a post describing the day you asked me to marry you, but I could never do it justice. So, we are going to do it together now, by telling the story the way we have been telling our family and friends in real life. how shall we begin then, mate??
Dan:  Well, I think pretty early on we knew that we had something special, and that we were meant for each other
me:  Awwww I is meltings
Dan:  And I'd been thinking for a long time how to "pop the question". Getting down on one knee over FaceTime was never going to work (not just because you can't see my legs), so it had to be some time we were going to meet up in person
Dan:  I ended up deciding on this little-known place up in Queensland near where my parents live called Carlo Sandblow. I'd been there once before and it was really magical, so I thought I'd sneakily organise to go and ask the question there
I think I did a pretty good job of keeping it under wraps hahaha
me:  You did, you sneaky boy. I didn't suspect a thing!
Well I did think maybe you'd ask me this time around...but I wasn't 100% sure. I just decided to "go with the flow" on this trip and was kept so busy I didn't give much thought to a possible proposal.

Dan:  I remember you trying to quiz me in the lead up to the holiday though
me:  Hells yeah, you know I don't like surprises!
Dan:  And I had my best poker face on
me:  That you did. So sneaky la!
So okay, we got to Carlo Sandblow. That was quite a walk, wasn't it?
It made my knee go all wonky
Dan:  Moreso for me than you that day, I had shorts on and a very conspicuous ring box in my pocket! hahah
me:  Hahaha! And the kids were whiny too, about the long walk. Didn't you have to carry them some part of the way?
I'm so surprised I didn't notice the ring box
Dan:  Haha yes, yes I did! I think piggybacking Afraz did a good job of misdirecting the eye away from my pocket
I was so nervous walking up the path to the Sandblow..
me:  Awwww how cute

Dan:  How come my hands got all sweaty, and yet my mouth was all dry?
I just kept telling myself to stick with the plan, it'll all go smoothly....
Dan:  So I had this grand plan of taking you down to the edge of the Sandblow - at the edge there is a sandstone cliff that overlooks the ocean. Words and pictures can't really do it justice, but it's like standing at the edge of the world
me:  Oh, here we go...
Dan:  Once we got onto the Sandblow, I ever-so-casually recommended that you come with me to see the view from the cliff
me:  I know this is your favorite part of the story lol
Dan:  Y'know, part of my grand plan..
And you were all like "Oh no, that's ok, you can go check it out, my knee is wonky"
Inside I was thinking "Oh COME ON.." haha
me:  How was I supposed to know?? LOL I just wanted to lie down and take a nap!
Plus the kids were running amok and I had to make sure no one broke their necks hahaha
Dan:  Haha well looking back, that all makes sense.. But at the time, I was starting to get mega nervous!

me:  Is that why you took a long walk alone, pondering how your life is going to change in a few minutes?
Dan:  Actually, I was hoping you might change your mind and follow me LOL
me:  Hahahaha that's so sad and hilarious at the same time. I had no idea! I was taking photos and chillaxing like a boss while you were having a nervous breakdown
Dan:  After a bit I walked back, thinking "Ok.. the cliff thing isn't going to work, so I'll have to pop the question in a less glamorous spot"
But plan wise, I was in uncharted waters
And so very nervous

me:  That's an intro to life with me, then. Things won't always go to plan ;p
Dan:  Hahahahah
Dan:  So I decided to sit down with you and wait for a quiet moment, where I could as k that most important of questions
Funnily enough, when I sat down next to you I was actually on one knee for a while, ready to strike
me:  That quiet moment was hard to come by, wasn't it??
Again, an intro to life with me.
Dan:  Ohh yes.. Asking was harder than I thought!
Dan:  Between you keeping an eye on the kids, and talking a mile-a-minute about anything and everything completely unrelated to marriage, I started to think I'd never get a chance! hahah
Dan:  I remember going into 'CODE RED' mode, and just barging in and asking if you loved me haha
me:  Hahaha this part I remember very well.
Dan:  And your response couldn't have been more perfect: "Yes I do. Do you love me?"
"How much? I need a figure"
"Enough to want to marry you."
"Adriana, will you marry me?"
me:  I'm crying again now just like I did when you asked
It was perfect
Dan:  It was at once a relief, and absolute joy for me when you said "Yes!"
That day was easily the happiest day of my life so far

me:  It was a beautiful day, absolutely perfect. I know the whole "proposal on a cliff" thing might've been "Hollywood perfect" but what ended up happening was "us perfect" and that's way better.
Dan:  I couldn't have put it better myself!
I've been over the moon ever since
me:  Right after that we told the kids, who were also very happy about it (albeit slightly confused for a few minutes). And your parents - how lucky were they to be there too! So glad that they were a part of that special moment.
Dan:  It really couldn't have happened in a better place. My mum straight away texted a few of her friends, and by the time we'd gotten back to her house the whole town knew hahah
me:  Hahaha they did too! That was funny.

me: We also got gelato to celebrate, remember?
Dan:  And I remember the smile on your face when you were telling your family all about it on WhatsApp
Haha yes! Even the guy at the ice cream shop knew
me:  Oh yes, I had to clue them in straight away. And it was a very special day because I was also given some other very good news - that my book was printed and ready, and that my brother and sister-in-law also know the gender of their baby (thus allowing this aunt to splurge on lots of baby items in Australia before heading back home)
Remember what I said in the car? I felt like throwing up because one person shouldn't be so blessed on a single day!
Dan:  Hahaha I know that feel
Dan:  Such an unforgettable day
me:  Thank you, baby, for being willing to help me describe such a beautiful day. The boys and I are so lucky to have in you a person who loves and cares for us unconditionally. I love you!
Dan:  I love you too sayang, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.


  1. this is as sweet as meringue..too sweet!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox im smiling all the way reading fairy tale laa!! :)

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