They say with this new hair I'm bound to have more fun...

...but generally I have tons of fun everyday anyway ;)

Introducing my new hair color!

This all started a few months ago when I became obsessed with having lighter hair thanks to this image on Pinterest:

It's not exactly blond. In fact it's purple, I think. But it got me to obsessed with the idea of having light-colored hair. I know it's a big commitment - I'm going to have to invest in touch-ups as soon as my roots start to show. Plus the ashy tone of my hair will fade pretty quickly if I wash it too often, unless I use purple shampoo, which I can't find anywhere here! (I'm already asking Dan to get it in Australia for of the few perks of being in a long-distance relationship).

Speaking of Dan, he had no idea this change was coming, and when he saw it the first time on FaceTime...well, I wish I had thought to screen cap his face! His comment is that: it looks great on you because it makes you look more tan. As an Asian, I'm not sure how to take that...

As usual, credit for this new hair color goes to my stylist Jiro Lee at Miko Hair Galere. He's moved to their awesome new location at Pavilion, which also happened to have massage and nail services. One-stop shop for all my beauty servicing needs? Me likey!

Thank you, Pinoy, for the wonderful foot massage :D
I was kind of scared in the beginning because Jiro told me he had to bleach my hair D: I've had really bad experiences with bleach, including having chemical burns on my scalp. Fortunately, Jiro only uses ammonia-free bleach. It's really gentle so it takes aaaaages to bleach my hair but at least it isn't smelly and harmful to my scalp and hair!

Bleach! Luckily Jiro only uses ammonia-free bleach, so it's not smelly or harmful to my hair.

I had to take a picture of my hair post-bleach and pre-color. I look horrible!
After bleaching, the actual ash-blond hair dye was applied and I was left with awesome hair (if I do say so myself. So humble k). Overall I'm super happy with the hair. So far the color hasn't faded, and my hair isn't damaged. I don't know if I'll able to keep this up, what with the constant touch ups for my roots, but it looks so good I think I might be able to do it (again, very humble)!

So, what do you think? Is this an upgrade or a downgrade? And do blondes really have more fun??


  1. "one of the few perks of being in a long-distance relationship"

    Well, that and the occasional delivery of Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips and meat pies :)

    1. I can't argue with that :p Thank you and I love you!

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