Selamat Hari Raya from Adriana, Aqil and Afraz, and about 50 other members of our family ;p

Selamat Hari Raya, Eid Mubarak, Salam Lebaran and Happy Holidays! We opted for a purple theme for our outfits this year, with a little bit of green thrown in. My baju kurung moden was tailor-made and the kids' baju Melayu are from Omar Ali (sponsored by my parents, who bought all their other Raya clothes and even shoes this year. Thank you, Wan and Atok...we're so blessed). Speaking of my parents, this year, my parents hosted the first day gathering for our extended family. And it was a roaring success!

My mother has 11 siblings and my father has 5, and so I have many, many cousins, nieces, nephews, and - wait for it - even a grand-niece. We're scattered all over the place, but once a year during Raya, we make it a point to be together. It was wonderful to be able to have everyone over, including the oldest family member Pak Anjang, and our "latest arrival", 3-week-old Afnan.

Isn't Afnan the cutest??? Here he is with his mama, Shuhada.
Selamba kau langgar pantang ye! I love me a rebel ;)
My mother and my cousin Fara worked hard on our Raya spread this year, which included beef rendang, ayam masak merah, lontong, and...spaghetti bolognese (no points for guessing which dish is the odd one out). Clearly, everyone loved what my mama served:

We had family over till 3am in the morning, which is actually pretty normal, lol. It's just that time flies when you're catching up! Well, enough with words - I'll let pics do the talking. Love these people!

By midnight, Aqil was out like a light. And a few hours later, so were the rest of us. How wonderful it was so fall asleep smiling, knowing that you've spent the last few hours in the most meaningful way possible - spending time with family :) (And - as Afraz would add - receiving lots of duit raya :p).


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