Obsession Of The Week: My new rescue kittens!

So this weeks OOTW is coming in a bit late, because...well, because my obsessions are keeping me pretty busy.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know what I mean.

If you don't follow me on Instagram (which you should totally do, btw), then I'll explain here:

I rescued these kittens!

I went to a nearby commercial area on Thursday and, as usual, I was greeted by this large blond male cat. But as I sat in the car, our helper Leslie pointed out that there were also some kittens near my car. So I got out to check them out and move them away from the car parking area.

This is what greeted me: two kittens, eyes completely shut due to infection, walking onto the road. This is a fairly high-traffic commercial area, and there is no doubt in my mind that they would have been run over if I didn't take them. So I did. There was no mama around, and their condition indicated that they weren't being taken care of (a mama cat wouldn't have allowed that much gunk to get stuck on her kittens' eyes).

I happened to have this plastic drawer thing in my car that contained some origami paper for a recent school event, so we used it to hold the kittens as we headed home. These two barely made any noise, or any fuss at all. They were that weak.

As we headed home, we noticed my aunt driving in front of us. As a cat owner herself, I knew she could help. And she did! Thanks to her, I managed to get some cat food and a carrier to bring them to the vet in (this was early in the morning, so the vet wasn't open). At home, I put them in the carrier with food and water, but all they did was sleep :(
At 10am, I took them to the vet. They had a cold, were covered in fleas, and possibly had worms in their little bellies. And their eyes...their poor eyes...needed a lot of cleaning. Meanwhile, I was freaking out and trying to get someone to adopt them - I knew that if the boys set eyes on them, they would want to keep them...and I didn't want to have to take care of two sick kittens! So I went on all my social media platforms asking people to adopt them or at least foster them. Of course, it was way early in the morning, so I didn't get a lot of responses. But credit goes to my neighbor Namie and the Bukit Jelutong account on Twitter - they really stepped up!

Anyhow, long story short: they required a lot of care (they needed eye drops and meds twice a day, aside from keeping an eye on them to make sure they eat and drink enough, and also check their poo for worms...which actually happened). So I knew I couldn't just paw them off to other people (pun totally intended). So in our home they stayed. And after the boys saw them, in our home they will remain ;)

The boys named them the next day. The black one is Astrid, and the stripey grey one is Elsa. For those that don't watch a lot of animated films, these two Nordic names are based on two strong, independent characters from How To Train Your Dragon and Frozen respectively. Let's hope these kitties reflect their namesakes' best personality traits!

They've now been with us four days, and are in almost-perfect health. Their eyes are pretty much all better, there are no more worms in their poo, they have put on quite a bit of weight, and are very energetic kittens. Afraz said it best on the second day they were here: "Mama, they look like real kittens!". Hahaha. They have very distinct personalities, which you can see in the video below. Elsa's boisterous and wild, while Astrid is a total lap cat. But they both can play fight and knock around perceived threats (read: balled up paper and our feet) with gusto.

I do feel blessed that these two came into my life. My allergies haven't been acting up as much as I thought it would, and the boys are SO happy. I look forward to cuddling them (though I don't look forward to giving them medicine before the cuddle session). My parents were the real heroes in this story though. When I told them my plan to send them off for adoption, their words were: sure, but if you find no one, then we are destined to keep them, and that would mean they are a Ramadhan gift from god - pretty sweet sentiments, methinks!

I've still been searching for a mama cat in the area where I found them, to no avail. I've also heard that there's a third kitten, but couldn't find any. There is construction work in the area now, so it's likely that they've been scared off...but I will still try to find their mama and little sister or brother.

P.S: I SO foresee lots of posts about them from now on!

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