Hari Raya in Malaysia and how it's related to...beavers?

So, since I've been seeing a non-Malaysian, I've started to see my cultural practices through fresh eyes. And since Hari Raya has just recently happened, this recent project I was on with my good friend Azaria has been released just in time to explain this very special time in Malaysia!

Those of you who followed me on Instagram will have known that I was working on something. This was it! Well, this and another thing, but I'll blog about the other one once it is out ;)

If you have friends from overseas who are curious about what Hari Raya or Eid is like in Malaysia, send them this Tourism Buzz episode by MyTourismTV, the video channel for Tourism Malaysia. You can find the episode at this link: http://mytourismtv.com/talkshow-1687.html

Oh, and watch to find out how beavers are apparently related to Hari Raya :p

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