Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!

Both my parents' birthdays fall on the same month (Mom's is on the 23rd, Dad's is on the 29th), so I'ma just consolidate both birthdays in one post...just like we did with their birthday dinner :p My poor dad's birthday fell on the first of day of Ramadhan, so we celebrated early the weekend before my mom's birthday.

This year, she chose a classic spot to have the dinner - Coliseum Cafe! Anyone who has lived in Malaysia would know of this joint. It's an institution! I've been going there since I was a kid. In fact, it's been around since 1921...so it's really already been there since my grandparents were kids. I remember going to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman specifically to have steak there at least once a year, since it was such a pain in the butt to reach there and to get parking as well.

Waiting for our private room to be ready - be sure to call ahead for bookings!

The birthday babies
Luckily, they've now opened a couple of new outlets closer to home and with much more convenient parking options! We went to the outlet in Midvalley a few months ago, actually. The line to get in was crazy long but the food did not disappoint! This time, though, we decided to have the birthday dinner at Plaza 33 in PJ.
Pondering some very important food-related decisions.
This is a strange thing to note, but I am pretty sure the menu at Plaza 33 had more options. I need to check out the menu at the Midvalley outlet to be sure, but yeah, we definitely had a lot more variety in terms of the food we ordered among ourselves.

This is a common battle in our household
The kids LOVED the baked crab, which was surprising to everyone...especially the kids! (Afraz was bug-eyed when I informed him that the "chikin" he was eating was in fact "kwab"...but he then exclaimed "I wuv kwab!" so it's all good).

I had the classic Sizzling Tenderloin, and the rest of the table had variations of the same. Except for my dad, who ordered fried rice. #malaysianboy

The most important thing was, of course, that the whole clan was together to celebrate the birthdays of two wonderful, loving, generous people. Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!

Aiyo my boys...

Again, aiyo my boys....
Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!


  1. my husband's favorite joint too! the one at Jalan TAR is ohsem! hahahahhaha.

    1. That place is a classic! I still remember going there as a kid ;p

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