Obsession Of The Week: Compact System Cameras

Also known as mirrorless system cameras, or Micro 4/3 cameras, I see them as a compact camera with the ease of use of a point-and-shoot, and the high quality image production of a DSLR.

I've never really bothered much with photography. When I travel, I have to consciously remind myself to take pictures. If there's no one else with me, it's likely that I'll hardly take any pictures at all! This is mostly because I'm too busy or distracted with enjoying the moment (particularly when I'm with the kids).

But recently, my mother was sorting out our old photos, and I had so much fun looking at photos from our past. It occurred to me that I'd like the boys to have this joy as well, and the photos might as well be high-quality! My iPhone 4S camera is good enough most times, but to be honest, the low quality just doesn't inspire any enthusiasm on my part as far as aesthetics go :p Also, I want some high-quality OOTD shots for once!

So, for the first time ever, I'm sharing my...

I'll try and share my Obsession Of The Week every week from now on because I do get these weird obsessions that I may or may not cave into, and I might as well post them here rather than bother Dan all day with it (that man has the patience of a saint - he knows way too much about shoes and baby carriers than a grown man should).

I saw the awesome Hanie Hidayah use this kind of camera recently. I'll be damned if I remember the actual camera she was using, but I liked how easy it was to shoot pics, and how gorgeous they turned out as well. And these newfangled cameras even come with wifi (or you can get a memory card with wifi - pro tip from Hanie ;p) so you can easily transfer your pics to your devices on-the-go, if you'd like. Basically, your Instagram photos will be epic. 

I've used a similar camera before on vacation, but I've never really considered buying them. They're pricey! In fact, it's very likely that I'll never get one at all. But that won't stop me from dreaming!

The one I want is the Olympus OMD EM10. It's a lower price point compared to the EM5, but it's good enough for my use, I think. Full disclosure: I do not know a damn thing about cameras. Hahaha. The only reason I became obsessed with this particular camera is from reading reviews and going to camera shops demanding to see their "very best compact system camera!"...usually followed by a meek, "wah...so expensive wor...".

So, do any of you own such a camera? What do you use, and do you like it? Spam me with recommendations!


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