Obsession Of The Week: Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are obviously a staple in everyone's wardrobe these days. In fact, I had one. Unfortunately my recent weight loss means that it's way too big now! Now it's been given away and my wardrobe no longer has a pair of boyfriend jeans in it. Le sigh. So the search is on for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. *serious face*

Photo Credit: Kristina B on Lookbook [LINK]
Jeans from H&M
Photo Credit: Alyssa L on Lookbook [LINK]
Jeans from Romwe
The two examples above are what I'm looking for: light wash, slightly distressed, baggy from the hips down. The ones I've found usually fulfil the first two criteria...but fail miserably at the third. Because of my proportions - tiny waist, big booty - things are either perfect at the waist and too tight at the butt, or too loose all around. 

I've even taken the boyfriend jeans term literally and tried on men's jeans, but as it turns out, there's added...space...around the crotch area. Which I cannot fill. I don't know why I didn't know this before...( ̄ー ̄)

Sorry, Jessie J. In this case, I cannot do it like a dude la.
Now, because I've already been to a bunch of places (MNG, H&M, Nichii, and quite a few other places) and tried on boyfriend jeans only to be disappointed by the fit, I am 110% sure I will not buy a pair online. This is one garment that I need to try before I buy.

I've yet to go to stores with a higher price range like Zara and Gap, and honestly I'm reluctant...but it looks like that's what I've gotta do! I'm thinking this is less an obsession and more of a necessity (hashtag justificationnnnn! Am I right or am I right??).

What say you? Any suggestions on where I should continue my hunt for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans?


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