Dealing with low blood pressure

"Yes, I'm about to faint.
But first, let me take a #selfie."
Remember how I wrote that I almost fainted twice while out with my boys? I knew then that something was up, but I had a busy weekend and just couldn't find time to see a doctor (which is very bad, I know -- forgot all about that important "oxygen mask rule!"). After a week of feeling lethargic, with the occasional bout of sudden dizziness, I saw the doctor. Turns out my blood pressure is low :(

I'm no stranger to this - growing up, I'd have these episodes where I'd get really light-headed and would need to sit down with my head between my legs. It happened so often that my parents took me to a neurologist to get my brain checked. I suspect it had more to do with them trying to confirm that I was not cray cray rather than getting to the bottom of these dizzy spells. Surprisingly, the neurologist didn't find anything wrong with me ;p The only thing about me that was slightly off was my low blood pressure.

During pregnancy, it would happen so suddenly that I would actually black out. This was, of course, very dangerous. But also apparently normal! (Of all pregnancy symptoms to suffer from, I mean really >:( ). Then towards the end of my pregnancies, something weird would happen - my blood pressure would actually spike. The edema I suffered with my first pregnancy got so bad at one point that I couldn't even walk!

I'm looking into what I can do about this. I remember as a teen, my doctor told me to take more vitamin B12 and salt. I've been doing some research, and I think these things are also pretty easy to incorporate into my lifestyle:

  1. Getting regular exercise - since I'm down to my goal size, I haven't been working out as much.
  2. Eating smaller, more frequent, meals
  3. Drinking more fluids

If things don't get better in the next month, I'm definitely going to dig more to find out the underlying cause of this - it can be a symptom of a number of pretty scary illnesses, so I think ruling those out would be the next step if I don't get better!

Dear readers, do you have any tips on how to manage and treat hypotension/low blood pressure? I'd appreciate any and all recommendations!


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