Babywearing Workshop at Birth With Ayuni

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of conducting a babywearing workshop in a first-time collaboration with Ayuni Zainuddin of Birth With Ayuni. For those who don't know, Ayuni is an awesome activist who works tirelessly to advocate breastfeeding and gentle birth, and in fact was one of the key players in the KL Breastfeeding Flash Mobs of years past!

I came into the class as she was just about to wrap up one of her Hypnobirthing classes, and the breathing exercises really brought me back to my own Hypnobirthing experience. Love love love this approach to birth, and to life actually. I still use the relaxation and visualization methods these days to fall asleep.

To my delight, breastfeeding sifu Ning Desiyanti was there too! She was there for a quick visit, but managed to regale us with tales of her own childbirth experiences. I tell you, I am so so privileged to know women that view childbirth in such a positive, gentle, natural way. Everyone should be so lucky!
Look at me, all riveted with Dr Ning :P
Photo credit: Ayuni Zainuddin
Anyway, the babywearing workshop went great. Almost too great, perhaps! I was meant to be there only for an hour, but it somehow turned into two! Oops (^_^) I could really talk about babywearing all day and still not be done, hahaha. I sure hope the wonderful moms- and dads-to-be learned a lot in those couple of hours though.
"This woman talks a lot" - The thought that likely crossed each participants' minds.
Photo credit: Ayuni Zainuddin
The good news is, parents-to-be can still sign up for classes with Ayuni that include bonus classes such as babywearing workshops with me! The next couple of babywearing workshops will be on 27th July and 24th August.

For more details on the upcoming Hypnobirthing classes, I'll just kopipess what Ayuni wrote on her FB:
Looking for 2 more couples to join my HypnoBirthing July intake. The dates are July 5, 12, 19, 26, 27th, 9am - 11.30am at Bandar Sri Damansara.
You can choose between:
  • Package 1 (perfect for first-time parents): HypnoBirthing (by Pn Ayuni Zainuddin) + Breastfeeding 101 (by Pn Kamariah Alwi) + HUG Your Baby Newborn Language (by Dr Ning Desiyanti) + Babywearing workshop (by Ms Adriana Thani) 
  • Package 2: HypnoBirthing only (by Pn Ayuni Zainuddin)
For other perks, check out this link:!services/c53h
(Off-topic, but how much do I love Ayuni for referring to me as Ms?? I know la it's not exactly a secret that I'm not married, but people do automatically call me Puan or just by name, and I felt warm fuzzies when I saw "Ms" there. I guess I feel acknowledged somehow. Weird, right? LOL. I don't usually care about titles but that really did make me feel good.)


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