Vote for me! Or maybe a question mark would be more polite. Vote for me?

Since I've been a WAHM (that's work-at-home mom for those not in the know. Not some kind of 80s tribute band. Although that's something I could get into for sure), I've been able to carve out time to pursue some other passions. One of these is singing.

Anyone who has spent enough time with me would know my love of music and singing. I behave like life is an episode of Glee sometimes, or even a Bollywood flick - breaking into song whenever it is appropriate (though some would argue if it is ever appropriate).

Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to let y'all know that a couple of months ago, my friend Izham and I entered a Battle & Win Contest hosted by the good folks at Tune Studios, and our video is finally up!

If you like what you see/hear, please be sure to go to the Tune Studios Facebook page and LIKE the page. Once you're there, look for the Fields Of Ocean video (you can click the link if you really can't find it on the FB page) and LIKE it too. 

Your votes are very much appreciated, and every vote counts! If we win, we get to record a 5-song album, which would an absolute dream come true for me. The music we're into is very much influenced by our favorite musical acts, and the album would reflect that. Something sultry with a retro sound. Think Gin Wigmore, Amy Winehouse, and Lake Street Drive (a new obsession of mine, this band - give them a listen!).

So please, head on over to the Tune Studios FB page and vote for our video! Don't forget to leave a comment there or here so I can thank you personally :D Thanks in advance for your support, readers and friends!


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