DIY off-shoulder tops

I don't know about you, but my t-shirt wearing days are pretty much over. The only time I wear t-shirts are when I'm at the gym or for bed, or quick pick-ups for the kids. I just get really self-conscious in them because I think I appear quite...lumpy. There, I said it! I look lumpy in a t-shirt!

But I've got some t-shirts with great prints on them that really shouldn't be relegated to the gym and bedroom. I've been keeping them, letting them collect dust. Thankfully, my girl Suri sent me this video on how to turn plain old t-shirts into a sexy off-shoulder top!

The guide is super easy and the t-shirts that I've cut up upcycled have turned out really good.

The Cat Empire t-shirt that I bought when I saw them in Singapore
recently (after more than a decade of being a fan!). When I bought it, I already knew I'd
have to do something with it if I were to actually wear it out of the house, so I'm glad I did this.

This is a Gryffindor t-shirt that I bought ages ago and used to wear to bed all the time.
I cut the bottom of it off, so it has a loose crop top feel to it.
I want to do this to more t-shirts but then I won't have any gym attire or makeshift jammies...


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