Happy New Year! And...an announcement!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope y'all ushered it in with a bang (not that kind! Well maybe even that kind, you lucky person you). I, for one, spent NYE trying not to fall asleep before midnight. I just barely succeeded, and fell asleep 5 minutes after midnight. Then, I spent the first day of the new year with my loved ones, at an awesome family picnic celebrating my nephew's first birthday (which was back in October) and my parents' 31st anniversary (which falls on the first day of each year).

Happy Birthday, NAIT!
(Those are his initials, not his actual name,
just in case you thought my brother and sister-in-law
can't even spell Nate correctly)
Happy 31st Anniversary to Mom and Dad!

Our extended family - we're small but loyal.
That's what counts.

Our first family photo of the year, pre-Afraz' nosebleed, thank goodness.
Another thing that happened on the first day of the year was this: I got my own domain name! This was a long, loooong time coming. In fact, I'd been dealing with this since 2010, but the previous company I was dealing with just never delivered.

Fast forward to the last few days of 2013, and I was having a chat with my friend Faten, and she asked if I was planning to get my own domain name. Turns out she was able to sort it out for me, and on the first day of 2014, I got my own domain name! A lot of good things in my life come about rather spontaneously, I find. I love that.

Anyway, when she brought up the idea, I'd been tossing the idea around of glam mama dot com, but I dunno...I feel like using my real name feels "right". The decision to use my name was deliberate. No hiding behind a nickname! This blog is about me, the real me (oh, the narcissism!).

Real talk, though - I get so many questions about my personal life, and I happily answer them in person, but my years as a lecturer has taught me this very important fact: if one person asks a question, there are 10 people who are glad she did. SO, that being said, I aim to write more about things that matter to my readers, like how to go back into dating after a divorce, and how to deal with your ex's new girlfriend, and, most importantly, how to buy my new book.

www.adrianathani.com yo - that's where it's at.

I see you, 2014. You can try to squish me all you want, but if I can handle this, I can handle anything:


  1. Happy New Year Adriana! - Aunty Zarod @Belatuk

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  3. I am as happy as you are seeing your domain name up there. It's like saying Adriana Thani has arrived! Here's to a wonderful 2014!

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