Down 1 size, up 100 points in confidence :D

Here it is! The result of 3 months of hard work! I wish I could give you the actual measurements, but I haven't bothered to weigh or measure myself (don't hate me!). I do know, however, that I've gone down from a UK10/12 to a UK8, and since my goal was to look better in clothes, I'm quite happy! Here's to me keeping with the simple lifestyle changes I've made:

  • Working out at least 5 days a week (mix of cardio and weight training). When I can't go to the gym, I have enough equipment to kick my butt at home too. I had to take a break for a couple of weeks because I injured my knee in China (it was not a cool injury from working out or saving someone's life...I just knelt extra hard on my right knee), but this week I've slowly eased back into my usual fitness routine. 
  • Eating more vegetables, fruit, and protein. Limiting my carb intake, and eating mostly complex carbs. This was really difficult because I LOVE PASTA. I don't merely like it or enjoy eating it from time to time - pasta results in #foodgasms for me. We have a sick and twisted love story, pasta and I. But I have now begun to let it go. It helps that whole-wheat pasta tastes like cardboard, of course. Also, I try to do at least one Vegetarian Day a week. It's not easy, but I've made a point of doing my own groceries and meal plans so I can make it work.
  • Eating in smaller portion sizes. I'm not in the US anymore, so there's no need for me to eat huge American portions! I remember coming back and ordering two of everything because portion sizes seemed so small here, LOL. Must remember that I am but a tiny Asian girl with a (somewhat) tiny Asian tummy.
  • Hydrating mostly with plain water. This is a big deal for me! Up until three months ago, I never drank plain water. That's not an exaggeration. No matter how dehydrated I was, I'd always find something sweet to drink. Now, the only thing that can quench my thirst is water. I read this mantra when I first started eating better, and it is something I tell myself all the time: Don't drink your calories!
  • Sharing my struggles and progress, and seeking support from, my awesome friends who are health-conscious and...well, HOT. It was so important for me to have friends doing the same thing I was. Some have been doing it for years, others have just started like me. But all of them were serious about getting and remaining healthier for their own reasons, and it really helped to have that kind of motivation at my fingertips.

And to think it all started with this photo:

Again, I reiterate that I was NOT pregnant!
I was so mortified that I realized something had to be done. So I went and joined the gym, started quizzing my fitness junkie friends, and just kept at it. I've never been active - my family just doesn't do active, LOL - but now I can't fathom not being active. More than looking good, I feel better about myself and I have more energy for all the crap life throws at me. It's wonderful!

In no way am I the all-knowing resource for healthy living right now, but I'm glad I've started learning. Hitting the 3-month mark means a lot to me personally, because I've never really stuck to a fitness and health routine this long. It was always something I did a month before going on a beach vacation :p Post-vacation, I usually went back my pasta-eating, couch-sitting ways.

What's next for me: losing a few more inches here and there, tightening up my bod (read: that lower ab pooch that is taking ages to shrink!), re-growing my derriere the healthy way (it has vanished somewhat now, much to my chagrin), eating even better (those darn carbs and their evil deliciousness), and making sure my knee doesn't get screwed up again. Wish me luck!


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